By gilbert12888
#108358 First model in a week or so.

Update 1 (Textures):
Male Normal
Female Normal
Male Shiny
Female Shiny

Let me know what you think. Textures coming soon.


This is Nova, i'll be updating this thread as well. Honchkrow has been textured, and even though he's Gen 4, i'll post him here so they can both be in the same thread.

Anyway, the texture is by: TheBootyEdition

Gilbert's Honchkrow by Nova Spartan on Sketchfab

Murkrow now has a standing wing position, forgot to post this before:

Gilbert's Murkrow by Nova Spartan on Sketchfab
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By MrRokusho
#108933 Looking sexy man ^^
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By EnderKac
#109229 Make the feathers closer but not too close. Not so they are touching.
By Milo
#109785 Where the beak attaches to the face should go all the way up to the hat line