By Sup3rp1gm4n
lugiaisbeast101 wrote:
Sup3rp1gm4n wrote:He has very tiny feet btw lol,
My feet are like twice the size of the width of my leg xD

You should get that checked out...

Lol, edited my post
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By Hypnose
#37642 I know I posted on this... Damn Xfinity internet.. -.-"
Anyway, what I thought I posted was, I should have known you'd be modeling N.~ Great job Sundial, he looks awesome! :D
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By Sundial_MC
#38462 Ok. I tried doing the hat.. but.. unfortunately, guess what. The texturemap decided to go like:

<Sundial_MC> Just... one... more... 6x6x3 block...
<texturemap> lolnop
<texturemap> lolumadbro

Basically, no more room D:

But, here's a really unnoticeable minor update, probably final. I just pulled this picture up
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By Sundial_MC
#38466 Yep, he does.

Personally I like him with his hair showing, without his hat.
Also, the thing is, when I tried putting the hat on him, if it was the same size (width + length) as the hair, it looked too flat, if it was just 1 block larger, it looked too big and.. square.

Plus, texturemap, all these little accessories taking up all the space with their transparencies and stuff and overlap

D: I still wanted to have him holding the hat
By osidien(withouttheB)
#53712 This... Looks... AMAZING!
I soo like the texture!!
But think about it that N can only spawn oncein the game.
exept if he comes back with stronger pokemon (like a rival)