By Vikerus
#145152 Well I've added the enhanced idea of it. Maybe in the end you guys are right. Still would love to see better trainer models in.

By ghosthawk78
#145156 i agree with spg, this is minecraft not a irl 3d console game :3. but better trainers would be cool.... ive tried modeling once and turned dragonite into a pickle (logic eh?) XD
By Vikerus
#145157 Uh, not to be rude but could you stick with the topic please. Kinda looking for feedback not a vote as to who is right or wrong xD Why are we killing the idea of new trainer models so quickly?

Please if you are going to comment in here leave some kind of feedback? Surely these two versions are an improvement over what we have?
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#145158 ok, lets shoot the argument of "will we use it or not" down to the ground
if we use it, cool, if we don't he can gladly make it a side mod with his hd trainers, problem solved, everyone wins. Any comments after this one referring to not liking it or what have you will be deleted, feedback only like vikerus asked
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By MrMasochism
#145194 SPG is right, and I agree with isi, due to steve looking like a pile of badly organised blocks we'll keep trainers also looking like that. I would like a set of decent textures so that we can just drop our other models tbh.

However I'm also with spg on his last post, if you get behind this I'll happily help you make a side-mod out of it. Texture and model loading is already set up to make this fairly simple
By Vikerus
#145280 That deals with that then, maybe I can at least work on some skins for the trainers. Even if they are all Steve's it's going to look better then the current models. Not that I don't think making a side mod would be fun or useful but I think my goal is to help improve the mod itself if I can at all.
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By ceejayvee61
#160443 I personally want it to stay on the steve looking character... having HD models would ruin custom trainer skins and using a player name for a trainer
By Charm
#192678 Instead of getting new models, I think it'd be better just to make some HD skins for the trainers. That is only if the team decides to do anything with them at all.