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[8.1.2] I can't find and summon Mr. Mime and Mime Jr. reviewed

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Dear Pixelmon Support,
I'm playing in a Forge singleplayer world with pixelmon (version 8.1.2) and i'm searching for one of my favourite Pokemon (Mr. Mime) but i can't find him. I also tried to summon Mr. Mime and Mime Jr. in a creative world with the command: "/pokespawn Mr. Mime lvl:20" but it's not working. I also tried this command with Mime Jr. and that doesn't work too.

with best regards

PS: I'm sorry for my bad english, i'm living in germany and i'm not very good in english.


#22229 Posted by ZodiacBullYT » 22 Apr 2021 07:51


Mr. Mine is a "Very Rare" spawning Pokemon in forest and birch forest biomes at night time. They're not easy to find.

In terms of using commands to summon them, don't use .'s in the command. They don't work like that. The commands for spawning are as follows:
(Mr. Mime) - /pokespawn MrMime lvl:<number>
(Mime Jr.) - /pokespawn MimeJr lvl:<number>
(Mr. Mime Galarian) - /pokespawn MrMime lvl:<number> f:2

If you have any more issues, please be sure to let us know.

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