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[9.1.9] - Ursaluna not present in the Pokedex pending

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As the title states, on my quest to catch 'em all, today I have noticed that Ursaluna is not actually present in the in-game Pokedex. With the National Dex number of #901, it should be placed between #900 Kleavor and #902 Basculegion. However it is simply not present there. It cannot be displayed with the built-in search function either. Consequently, it does not count towards the dex completion percentage.
Interestingly enough, all the mons still have their proper assigned National Dex numbers.


#31265 Posted by AdamWTS » 02 Dec 2023 15:15

Adding an album link in case the images above fail to display:

#31272 Posted by Sophie847 » 05 Dec 2023 09:19

Hi there,

I can confirm that Ursaluna is not currently present in the pokedex in 9.1.9, exhibiting the behaviour you explained above, which is consistent with pokemon that are still in sprite mode. This appears to be due to the Bloodmoon form of Ursaluna being unfinished, which has caused the entire species to not count towards the pokedex, instead of just the unfinished Bloodmoon form.

Moving to internal now for a fix, thanks!

#31499 Posted by BombTime1010 » 31 Mar 2024 15:21

This bug still has not been fixed as of 9.1.11

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