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Steelium-z doesn't activate with steel beam pending

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How to replicate this bug:
1.Get a Pokémon with steel beam i use Heatran for my example.
2.put steelium-z onto the Pokémon.
3. go into a battle with any wild pokemon and activate the z-move.
4. now you will see steel beam is still their even though you activated your steelium-z in the battle menu. this should be Corkscrew Crash.


#31254 Posted by Kona591 » 23 Nov 2023 23:31

Tested in 9.1.9
-Used a Heatran with Steel Beam and a Steeliumz and steel beam was not recongnized as a Z move
-Used a Heatran with Metal Claw and a Steeliumz and Metal Claw was recongnized as a Z move

#31268 Posted by Sophie847 » 02 Dec 2023 23:44

Hi there,

I can confirm that Steel Beam is missing Z move data from its move definition as of 9.1.9, which results in it not reacting to the steelium z you've given the Heatran to hold. I also found some other moves which were missing z-move data in a similar fashion, the full list of which can be found here.

Moving to internal now to be resolved, thanks!

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