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8.3.4 Yawn bypass Sleep Clause in battle fix completed for upcoming version

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As you can see in the video (https://youtu.be/VL1pM-8CzsM) if a pokemon uses Yawn, even if the battle rule is set to "Sleep clause" he can make more then one pokemon sleep at the same time. I've tested with other pokemon with yawn and it always works and i've also tested with other moves like spore, but in that cases the clause works fine.


#23932 Posted by TideShow » 14 Dec 2021 18:53


Thank you for reporting this! I am able to confirm that with the sleep clause activated in battle you are able to put multiple pokemon to sleep exclusively with the move Yawn.

I have tested other moves such as Hypnosis as well as spore and the clause worked as intended. It seems only Yawn is able to bypass the sleep clause.

I will be moving this to our internal tracker to be fixed!

#23934 Posted by Foxily » 14 Dec 2021 19:00

Forwarded to the internal tracker.

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  • Ticket ID: 16850
  • Project: Pixelmon Mod
  • Status: Fix completed for upcoming version
  • Component: Battle
  • Project version: 1.12.2-8.x.x
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  • Forge/Sponge: Forge
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  • Reported on: 09 Dec 2021 05:36
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