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For version history about the Pixelmon launcher, see this page.
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This is a list of all versions of Pixelmon, along with the changes that each version made to the mod.


Version 5.0.0

Released July 25, 2016.


  • Moved to Minecraft 1.10
  • Added config setting to turn off the third-person battle camera
  • Added /pokesave command

Version 4.3.0

Released July 25, 2016.




  • Added option to create shopkeepers that spawn outside of towns
  • Added spawning rarity to the npcs.json file
  • Allowed "Allow nicknames" config setting to be applied server-side
  • Allowed forms to be defined with custom starter Pokémon in the config
  • Changed some chat messages to battle messages when applicable
  • Improved efficiency of Pokémon spawning
  • Limited ranch block area of effect to at most three blocks above the ranch block
  • Made the AFK handler scroll through text more slowly
  • Made Thunder Stone tool effect override lower levels of Efficiency
  • Merged config settings for external JSON files
  • Reduced Gem recipes to require only one diamond
  • /snapshot command now prints the positions of snapshotted NPCs to the console.
  • Stopped aggressive Pokémon from chasing Pokémon inside ranch blocks


  • Fixed battle freeze when leveling up
  • Fixed bounding box sizes of several Pokémon
  • Fixed crash when breeding Magby or Pichu
  • Fixed command selectors displaying incorrectly with /endbattle and /pokebattle
  • Fixed Eject Button causing the holder to switch out when a battle starts
  • Fixed /endbattle command permissions
  • Fixed /endbattle leaving wild Pokémon stuck when catching Pokémon
  • Fixed faulty prismarine shard drop
  • Fixed Forage not giving items after being used repeatedly
  • Fixed held item duplication issue
  • Fixed incorrect GUI font when a player has no Pokémon
  • Fixed incorrect Pokémon name in boss Pokémon GUI in non-English languages
  • Fixed inventory party rendering incorrectly with enchanted armor equipped
  • Fixed Leftovers reviving fainted Pokémon
  • Fixed Light Fire not triggering
  • Fixed music discs appearing in chests as stacks of zero.
  • Fixed NPCs counting as land spawns for Pokémon land spawn limit
  • Fixed one incorrect external JSON file causing other files to not be loaded
  • Fixed percentage-based damage and healing rounding down to 0
  • Fixed players continuing to move/jump after a battle starts
  • Fixed residual damage not fainting Pokémon correctly
  • Fixed Return dealing no damage
  • Fixed running boots and evolution stone boots giving a speed boost when held in hand
  • Fixed Sky Drop freezing battles
  • Fixed some battle crashes
  • Fixed some held item interactions with multi-hit moves
  • Fixed statuses from status orbs damaging Pokémon on the same turn they are inflicted
  • Fixed Unburden giving a premature Speed boost
  • Fixed Wormadam's type not matching its form in battle
  • Made residual held item effects occur before residual status effects
  • Residual and start-of-battle effects now reflect turn order.

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