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For version history about the Pixelmon launcher, see this page.
For version history about sidemods, see this page.
For planned changes in the upcoming version of Pixelmon, see this page.

This is a list of all versions of Pixelmon, along with the changes that each version made to the mod.


Minecraft 1.10.2

Released June 13, 2017.

Version 5.1.1 Beta


  • Expanded battle rules
    • Added battle clauses
    • Added rules for number of Pokémon and healing before battle
    • Added team preview


  • Added "berryTreeGrowthMultiplier" config setting to change Berry tree growth speed
  • Added Minecraft wiki hotkey support for non-English languages
  • Allowed breeding Pokémon to be interacted with while the player is holding an item
  • Allowed Pokémon to be mounted while the player is holding an item
  • Allowed traders to be interacted with while holding an item
  • Increased Berry tree spawning rate
  • Made pick block produce Berries when used on Berry trees
  • Made vitamin messages specify the affected stat
  • Reduced battle AI exploitability with Sucker Punch
  • Updated Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Russian, and Spanish translations


  • Fixed Apricorn trees not spawning naturally
  • Fixed Belly Drum dealing too little damage
  • Fixed Berries not being depleted when used on Pokémon outside of battle
  • Fixed Berry trees floating if the block underneath is removed
  • Fixed breeding hearts being obscured by large Pokémon
  • Fixed breeding Pokémon not spawning if a ranch block has a ceiling over it
  • Fixed cloning machine not resetting Pokémon growing animation on subsequent uses
  • Fixed cloning machine poses and orientations for Pokémon inside
  • Fixed cloning machine rendering issue
  • Fixed console error when a player tries to battle a restricted NPC Trainer that the player has already battled
  • Fixed crash when attempting to move a Berry tree with a piston
  • Fixed crash when decorative blocks from previous Pixelmon versions are loaded
  • Fixed crash when learning a move by level-up
  • Fixed crash when Pokémon fall out of the world while in battle
  • Fixed crash when randomizing Pokémon with a Pokémon editor
  • Fixed crash when starting a battle
  • Fixed crash when using a Fossil Cleaner
  • Fixed crash when using /endbattle while catching a Pokémon
  • Fixed dropped photos being named incorrectly when using the "awardPhotos" config setting
  • Fixed Endure, Focus Band, Focus Sash, and Sturdy triggering while behind a Substitute
  • Fixed external move crash when a Pokémon targets a block and is forced into battle
  • Fixed Figy Berry causing a missing item ID warning
  • Fixed Figy Berry name
  • Fixed form changes and Mega Evolution in battle not updating type, stats, and Ability
  • Fixed Fossil machines rendering contained Pokémon incorrectly
  • Fixed fences attaching to Berry trees
  • Fixed guardians and skeleton horses not spawning when disabled client-side and enabled server-side.
  • Fixed "maximumPlants" config setting not displaying in config GUI
  • Fixed "maximumPlants" config setting working incorrectly with Berry trees
  • Fixed missing minisprite textures when a Shiny Pokémon has a special texture
  • Fixed missing texture when Mega Evolving a Pokémon with a special texture
  • Fixed NPC Trainers giving out rewards after drawn battles
  • Fixed Pokédex sometimes displaying a blank screen
  • Fixed rare save crash when using a Pokémon editor
  • Fixed "returnHeldItems" config setting not working
  • Fixed selection highlight not appearing after switching out a Pokémon
  • Fixed stats not updating when using vitamins or EV-reducing Berries
  • Fixed statues with Mega Evolutions allowing form indices to be set incorrectly
  • Fixed "Suit" NPC texture using parts of the "Steve" texture
  • Fixed Super Fang not dealing damage correctly
  • Fixed switching when there are blank party slots between Pokémon
  • Fixed TM80 and TM98 sell prices being too low
  • Fixed vending machines not facing the correct direction
  • Fixed wiki hotkey not working with photos

Version 5.1.0 Beta

Released June 4, 2017.





  • Fixed Apricorn trees growing when blocks are above them
  • Fixed battle AI not handling semi-invulnerable moves correctly
  • Fixed battle messages interrupting level-up and move-replacing screens
  • Fixed battle spectate message appearing when looking at other players who are spectating a battle
  • Fixed battles getting stuck while catching Pokémon when collisions are disabled by plugins (e.g., GriefPrevention)
  • Fixed Bide affecting Ghost-type Pokémon
  • Fixed boss Pokémon dropping skeleton skulls instead of Wither skeleton skulls
  • Fixed breeding a Pokémon with Ditto causing moves to not be inherited
  • Fixed Bug Bite and Pluck not stealing Berries
  • Fixed camera when two Pokémon evolve after the same battle
  • Fixed chairs and water floats positioning sitting players incorrectly
  • Fixed crash when all spawn locations are removed from a Pokémon
  • Fixed crash when bone meal or a Wailmer Pail are used on Apricorn Trees
  • Fixed crash when external JSON files are not updated to include new Gyms from version 5.0.2
  • Fixed crash when talking to NPCs that are edited to have very long words without spaces in between
  • Fixed crashes when evolving a Pokémon
  • Fixed Deoxys causing errors when spawning
  • Fixed double battle UI becoming darker when choosing the second Pokémon's move
  • Fixed double battles crashing after Pokémon on both sides faint in the same turn
  • Fixed enchanted armor changing the color of sashes, hats, and Mega Bracelets
  • Fixed error when Pixelmon blocks are placed on double slabs
  • Fixed forced switch-out effects not working in multi battles when the affected party has two Pokémon remaining
  • Fixed Fossil machine not preserving Shininess after claiming Pokémon
  • Fixed Halloween Blaziken special texture
  • Fixed hats and Mega Bracelets displaying when the player is invisible
  • Fixed healer not flashing when being used
  • Fixed held items being lost when swapping a held item on a Pokémon while having a full inventory
  • Fixed incense not being required to produce certain baby Pokémon by breeding
  • Fixed "legendarySpawnChance" config setting being ignored
  • Fixed Magic Bounce and Magic Coat ignoring immunities to status moves
  • Fixed Magic Bounce and Magic Coat not triggering Defog's effects
  • Fixed Mareep statues not rendering
  • Fixed missing textures when spawning boss Pokémon with Mega Evolutions and specifying their forms incorrectly
  • Fixed NPC Trainer levels not updating after randomizing their Pokémon
  • Fixed /pokebattle2 not accepting "random" argument
  • Fixed Pokémon not learning level-up moves immediately after evolving
  • Fixed Pokémon spawning not functioning correctly when multiple spawn dimensions are enabled
  • Fixed Retaliate not working correctly in double battles
  • Fixed some statue models being positioned wrongly when first spawned in

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