Some wild Pokémon drop items upon defeat. Some Pokémon can drop several different items; each item's drop chance is calculated separately, so a Pokémon may drop multiple different items at once. Unlike normal Minecraft mobs, drops from Pokémon go straight into the inventory of the player that knocked out the Pokémon. They will only be dropped on the floor if the player's inventory is full.


List of possible drops

Alternate methods

Some items can be obtained by interacting with certain Pokémon in ways other than knocking them out.

Boss Pokémon

Boss Pokémon drop items from the special drop lists. The quantity and qualities of these items depend on the boss Pokémon's difficulty.

Config settings

  • "awardPhotos": If enabled, Pokémon will drop photos when defeated.
  • "pokémonDropsEnabled": If set to false, Pokémon will not drop items.