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By AlphaGamingHD
#194533 Ingame Minecraft Username:Alpha_GamingHD
Server Chosen:Kanto
do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more):I love this server. I like
it all the time and always loved. Here plays a good people, responsive
administration, which always helps, if you have something you do not
know and want to know.Personally, I very much helped with the knowledge
of mode.I'm just a beginner, but I know I will soon become one of the
best on this server due to server administration and his helpers.
By Ultaga
#194614 Ingame Minecraft Username: Ultaga
Chosen Server (Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more): I think, as a new player to Pokemc, that it has a lot of fun and amazing potential a lot of other minecraft servers are just lacking as well as a active and fun community that helps other newcomers learn and understand the game, the map is really well done as well! I highly recommend you join!
By JohDoe
#194619 Ingame Minecraft Username:WaffleGamerYT
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia):Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more):I think its great! Honestly, the spawn is an amazing recreation of Kanto, very nice touch there. I like the Random-Spawn thing, too. All in all, its amazing! :D
By Sorohn
#194631 Ingame Minecraft Username: Sorohn
Chosen Server (Kanto): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more): This is the most accurate and entertaining Minecraft recreation of the Kanto region I have personally seen to date. The community is quite friendly and helpful and the access to early and easy trainers to fight allows the collection of money and thus Pokeballs easier too. It even includes the ability to find random hidden items in spawn for newbies and veterans It definitely helps the new trainers at the start of their journey, which most servers do not have.
By Dusty
#194632 Ingame Minecraft Username: Dustyw1
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): I've been playing on PokeMC for a few days now, and I'm in love with the server. It runs incredibly well, the kits are fair and balanced, and there are active player gym leaders to give a goal beyond getting lots of Pokemon. While there's no Elite Four yet, the areas where you might battle them are mapped into the game. If there's one single complaint about this server, it's that the area you're given to explore and build in is a bit small (though certainly not claustrophobic), so if you're looking for a large map to explore, you'll have to stick with the Kanto map instead of the buildable one. Overall, a great server that I strongly recommend.
By shyshy
#194662 :-) Ingame Minecraft Username: _shyshy
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): PokeMC is a great server with great staff and a very friendly environment. The server is up to date with the current pixelmon mods which is a great plus as well. Everything is easy to use and fun to play.
By skeptic
#194663 Ingame Minecraft Username:skepticskelly
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more):i love this sever it is really cool i love to play everyday on it i play with my good pokemon and that is hwat makes it fun
User avatar
By Jo051
#194705 Ingame Minecraft Username: Jo051
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): This is the best server by far that I've tried on Pixelmon thus far. There seems to be someone from staff always on and they are always helpful. I haven't asked a question yet that hasn't been answered quickly and easily. The server itself has everything you would want, from the usual free roam to the adventure more in Kanto where you can fight all 8 gym leader npcs and even actual player gym leaders. The server is still quite active, almost never less than at least 15 players and there hasn't been any lag either. All in all i recommend giving this one a try. You're bound to love it as much as I do.
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By StarchLord
#194749 Ingame Minecraft Username: AutoPotato
Chosen Server (Kanto or PlanetPixelmon): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more): I have not been terribly active so far, but i enjoy the server. The community is kind, and helpful, and the system works well when it comes to staff. the server is a very "chill" place, and I do believe i'l be here for a while to come. so Yea, It is epic.
By DizzyAdam
#194756 DizzyAdam
Kanto; PokeMC

This is a great server, to start off with, I was playing with my little sister who is only 6 and she found her way around the server with easy, no complications or anything, warp to a random spot, great idea for anyone looking for a random spot to build, the server has a great way to claim your house so no one can steal your stuff, not that anyone would because it is a great community, and also speaking about community, it's fantastic, the staff always reply, and the community are always around to answer any questions you may have to ask, overall great server and thoroughly enjoying it at the moment.