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By Frey
#203434 Brief Description of VanirMC:

VanirMC is a new Pixelmon server. We use Pixelmon Reforged. We have 8 Gyms, Elite4, and a Champion. The Elite4 and Champion will be decided by Tournaments. The gyms are still in the making but we have a couple out. We have friendly and helpful staff.

Our online stuff:


Gyms (and how to apply):

To apply for Helper go here: ... um/8541379

To apply for Gym-Leader go here: ... um/9020767

To apply for Sub-Leader go here: ... um/9020768

1. Grass Gym
LvL Cap: 20
Party Size: 3

2. Rock Gym
LvL Cap: 30
Party Size: 3

3. Water Gym
LvL Cap: 35
Party Size: 4

4. Flying Gym
LvL Cap: 40
Party Size: 4

5. Fire Gym
LvL Cap: 50
Party Size: 5

6. Ghost Gym
LvL Cap: 60
Party Size: 6

7. Ice Gym
LvL Cap: 65
Party Size: 6

8. Dragon Gym
LvL Cap: 70
Party Size: 6

Gym-Leader teams will not be usable outside of Gym battles. If a Gym-Leader or Sub-Leader does this please report them immediately. These teams are made by the Gym-Leaders but they do not work for them in-game. I spawn in the teams for them. If you do not receive a badge please contact the Gym-Leader as soon as possible to ask for it. You may only challenge a Gym-Leader or Sub-Leader 3 times a day unless they will allow you to keep battling them after that.