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Would you agree with this? (This is a question for anyone that sees this thread, not just devs.)

By DeWae
#201844 Nintendo and The Pokemon Company legally cant do anything if you were to restart with original content instead of basing it off of Pokemon, I mean you guys certainly seem capable of doing it. Maybe even make something better than pokemon, who knows. Hate to see the mod go before all the pokemon were even implemented.

I can see if you guys wouldn't want to because of losing years of work, but this scenario would not be able to occur again, at least not on copyright grounds.

And, technically speaking, it would be quite far from being a pokemon ripoff because of how radically different this concept would work in minecraft with how different the mechanics work in the game. In fact, you would be able to change almost every mechanic to be completely different and original. Plus, the mod could actually be a lot more fun this way than it ever was before because of said originality.
By Ganman3
#201846 Nobody on the dev team wants to start over.
They don't care about Pixelmon anymore. They're probably doing more important things, which they aren't obligated to inform us about.
It's a wonder this website is even still here.
By Ganman3
#201847 They aren't really listening to anything here either. The last post from the lead developer was to announce the end of the project, and I've only ever seen other devs come here to troll.
It may well be under the conditions of their cease and desist that they can't talk about this anymore. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company can be pretty brutal, when it comes to silencing creators and stopping fan projects.
You're right though. If you want to start a project, don't make it a derivative project. Expect no niceties from creators whose work you love. If they find you're stealing content and think you're making a little bit too much money from it - or if you're getting a little too much attention - they WILL end you.
By Ganman3
#201848 I wanted to contribute to this project, long ago. I thought it lacked command block support. So I started learning Java.
But I've long since moved on from that, and now I'm making my own stuff.
If you look up to somebody's creation, life's too short not to make something too. Just make it your own.
By DeWae
#201851 If anyone else or any other group of people who are qualified would want to pick up on this idea and make something original like pixelmon was, that would actually be one of the best things to happen to this community now.
By Ganman3
#201852 I hate to say it, but there's not much of a community *left*, and Pixelmon was not an original idea. It was original execution, but it was, by its very definition, a derivative product.
I'm making my own thing in Minecraft. I've been a server owner and a staff member on and off for six years, and I got the idea when I first started. It's got a stats system like Pokemon (magical and physical types) mixed with the thrill of discovery of games like Skyrim or Zelda - it's an adventure RPG with a focus on avoiding the typical RPG tropes, basically. Or that's the concept, anyway. I liked the idea of hiding something as massive as an underwater temple in survival way back in 1.2.5 when I was staffing, then I gradually got to the point where I wanted to make a world like you'd see in Wynncraft. And I've been building up the spawn on and off since January of last year, with several breaks.
It's been hard, with just a few people, but I've gotten to the point where I'm at least somewhat satisfied with the starting area, at least in terms of terrain, and I've gotten better and faster since I started. And I'm finally applying my Java knowledge and actually developing a dedicated server plugin over the past several weeks, to manage events.
With any luck, you'll hear about that here in a month or two, when we finally release the first beta, after a year of development and six years of conceptual development (I'm reusing and repurposing some assets - only the good ones - from my six years as a staff host and server owner). That's if the marketing is good enough- we'll see what I can manage. I came back here because I was working on a Pixelmon project too, back in 1.10, but I abandoned that when Pixelmon got DMCA'd.
I don't know if you could consider me a part of the community though. I didn't program for Pixelmon because I hadn't started any programming projects yet - it was just something I always told myself I'd do, but never got around to, until late last year. I'd studied programming before then. I started studying Java in early 2015, and I've studied C++, PHP, JS, and a few other things since then, though I'm really sort of a novice.
I don't know. I'm rambling, and very tired.
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By Rasgnarok
#201854 We do read, and we do listen. Still, good things come and go.

PS: I am closing this topic because it has been made clear the PixelmonMod Team has closed development. For those that continue to hope for more, I ask that you accept the Leads' work and decision-making, because it brought you Pokémon, in Minecraft. Thank you.