Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By Mtonyex
#201567 You can still play if you already downloaded it so...
Also can you give another person a free copy so they can play too using a drive and not be illegal/
By Musume
#201569 Obviously, but it won't get updated any. Not that there isn't a ton of content already, I'm just saying it would be nice to see where it could've gone (plus finishing gen 4)
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By Bruskedragon
#201572 Honestly Pokemon Company and Nintendo as a whole kills Fan bases. We all love the games, but at the same time they never commend any fan made anything, and they shut them down instead. Im sad to see this project go (like countless other amazing fan made games) because i have loved it so much. I only found out about this shut down recently from youtube and im going to miss all the potential this game could have reached.
By OzmafaLok
#201618 It makes you wonder what the heck went wrong. I heard today that there was no may day before the crash, so it seems as if everything happened fast. Whats the weather been like up there?
By 12mermaid
#201621 like someone suggested on this page earlier, can someone givve me a free copy of pixelmon 3.4.0? that would be ideal but if not (or tell me where i could) then can someone help me out? I have the forge 1.12- -installer-win and I have 1.12 minecraft and I have the last pixelmon mod i had in the mods folder... the pixelmon jar file is pixelmon-1.10.2-5.0.0-beta6-universal... I login into minecraft, select the forge version, create a new world... but no pixelmon... (like the mod is not even there). It does not make sense!!!!!