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By PleaseWait
#199133 IGN : PleaseWait
Very good server. Barely any lag at all. Best pixelmon server iv played yet. It has a great community very nice people. Very good staff they are on most if not all the time to help players out. This is my favorite server iv played on yet!
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By TheMidkip
#199136 PokeCentral is one of the best pixelmon servers out there. It allows players to play like they would in a solo world, with very helpful mods and owner. The server also allows the players to do things more independent than others, it does make for a sort of rough start but once you get on your feet you will love the server.
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By Dabbery
#199138 Where do I begin. Pokecentral is overall one of the best minecraft servers i've joined. The community is so helpful. Staff or not, everyone is willing to help anyone out. All staff are active with atleast 1-2 staff online even through the late hours of the night. Personally I've enjoyed spending the last 11 months on the server. Its such an attention seeking server with constant updates and fixes with an active owner and staff team. If there was one thing about the server that draws me back every time I log off, It'll have the be the community just with how consistent everyone is with helping everyone out. Its nice to see so many people come together and forms the community that pokecentral has.

IGN: Dabbery
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By ShadyisShady
#199141 Words aren't even good enough to describe this server. The server is truly well put together. I found this server by Wispen's YouTube channel. When i was watching his video I knew this would be the server for me, and I was right, this is the only pixelmon server that I like. The community is nice, there is at least two staff member on a day, the server isn't that laggy, and the server is very addicting. I have played for a total of six days and one hour and i have gotten 3 legendaries. Although Wispen isn't on all the time the server is still well maintained by the staff members. I highly encourage everyone to join the sever, and invite your friends too. You will have a blast. And don't forget to stay shady!