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By Harroc
#193085 I really dig this server, there are a lot of pokemon to get you started with in town areas and there are plenty of players. The Kits are a nice touch and I enjoy being able to start off with something rather than "lol you're on your own buddy."
By IrisFreyja
#193125 This Server Is So Far So Good Iv Run Into Minimal Lag and You Spawn With A Shiny Starter Witch Is Amazing, The Level Cap of 225 Is Epic And Really Changes The Game, Everyone on the Server Is Really Nice So Far, But The Server Does Restart Every So Often But Its Not Annoying Or Anything. i Rate This Server Very Highly out of the Servers Iv Played :-D

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By Xronize
#193145 This server had a really welcoming welcome, the players were kind and helpful thus making it friendly. It even has a level cap of 225 so if you think that lvl 100 is not enough then come here since the lvl cap is 225. Theres events sometimes that bring forth really good rewards so if ur competitive then this is it

Yours truly
By BumblebeePrime07
IBGnova wrote:Greetings, Pixelmon players!
My name is IBG_Nova and I own a decent sized Pixelmon server, named UniversalRealms. We have been around for about 8 months, and have grown immensely during this time. You can locate our website at this link: .

Our server supports 5.0.1 (Full Release).

What makes us unique?
We support eight custom gyms, fully functional NPCs, as well as a huge safari zone, 400x400 blocks, and a full in-game marketplace to allow trainers to acquire the items to meet their Pixelmon needs. Furthermore, we host weekly events and monthly giveaways to help new players compete with the veterans.

Side note
UniversalRealms is affiliated with GlacialRealms, and players can join through either their IP or ours. However, players will join their hub, and can join our Pixelmon server via /server pixelmon or the compass.

Why should you join us?
UniversalRealms is, as aforementioned, a custom-made Pixelmon server with a range of dedicated staff across the world, so players will never be without help, should they need it. Our community is also always happy to help players out, and we have little to no issues with flame, or anything else.

Server Info:

IP: Play.UniversalRealms.Net

Server Website:

You can view our server rules here.

Click here for Free Rank Info!
By Ndp
#193162 The difference about this server is that they dont try to be too fancy, they make it simple and self explanatory which is a great aspect of a well runned server. Also the staff is really nice and kind, and will get out of there way for anything. The community is very friendly!
By CatogoricHawk
#193175 MC Username: CatogoricHawk19

Pixelmonmod Username: CatogoricHawk19

Review: I've been playing pixelmon for over 5 years now and honestly, this server is great. Super helpful staff and they respond lightning fast, overall great server. but you wanted some feedback so heres a little things i personally would like to see tweaked.
1. The Gyms- as most pokemon fans know the gyms always have level caps, i think this should be implemented into the server making the first gym start at 30 and as you progress the level caps grow higher.
2. Pokemon spawns- the pokemon spawns are quite off to be honest, ill be playing with my two buddies and we wont find any pokemon but when one of us venture off the all spawn around that person and vice versa!
3. Boss pokemon- i know that boss pokemon have a low spawn rate but ive been on the server for over 2 weeks and i haven't seen a single boss, call it back luck but ive seen friends get them on other servers within 2-3 hours
That is my feedback! hopefully it helps