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By SirRichalar
#193167 Hello Ladies & Gents.

I am running a new professional server for a community that wants fun. I have a lot done so far, Website ( map almost complete and pex ready. The server will be public beta on the 23rd and official 2 weeks after. We aim to expand our servers to new mods as time progresses. We have a Mature theme that is targeted more towards older players.

What am I looking for:
-Motivational Team Leader to prompt staff to be fun and alive in chat.
-Decent building skills (we have a build team leader who loves building), but its nice to help!
-Help me out with organising new ideas, keeping events on track and monitoring staff.
-Knowledge of using plugins (sponge) and how to edit configs.

Whats in it for you?
You will receive benefits that suits your level of skills. They will be discussed after you send me a short essay as to why you should be my manager.

You may send the essay to me on my enjin account

Good Luck!