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By Dave117
#186560 Is it normal that in Beta 7 1.10.2 player cannot throw pokemon after 10 min the server is on ?

Please help ..
By Marshboiii
#187128 well I have been playing a lot of pixelmon lately, but for some reason my graphics have been glitching and it basically bcomes impossible to play. today I have logged onto pokeballers server and it is starting to annoy me that for everyone else it is fine but not for me.
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By Lescadia
#187264 I have the Problem, that i can't use any Stones (Fire,Dust etc )
I wanted to 'upgrade' Eevee to Vaporeon and its not working..
I have that Problem i play it on my Server from Nitrado..
Can it be that this happened because i have the mods by myself uploaded?
The version for beta 9 5.0.0 is not selectable by Nitrado, that's why i am quickly do a Modpack for Pixelmon..
On Beta 7 5.0.0 does it still works..
Now on Beta 9 5.0.0 it's not longer works...
I hope anyone can help me ._.

I'm sorry for m English, but i'm german and can't speak good english
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By Some Body
#187265 If you bothered to read the original newspost, you would see a linked page that tells you that this is fixed in the next version.
By Bluecyclone77
#189393 Hey. I caught a wild Phanphy last night. When I went to Safari, I noticed it wouldn't go in the healer and heal. Today, it has disappeared from my inventory entirely. Is there any way to get it back?