Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By Cronic7
#185114 Hey guys, 1st off awesome job on the whole Pixelmon mod! It's amazing!

My bug is when i Downloaded the new update for the launcher I get the normal home screen, But written in the background is "You are playing offline!" But i can still see the normal update window in the launcher saying "Pixelmon 4.3.0 BETA 8" etc. When i click the play button, I get another error saying "Cannot get minecraft versions, Please check your internet connection and try again".

I have internet otherwise i wouldn't be posting here and it was fine until the update. I have also tried the repair function and reinstalling to no avail.

Hope this gets fixed :)
By Cronic7
#185135 Sorry about the double post, New here and couldn't find the Edit button.

I have since logged out and tried to log back in to the launcher and now I cannot log in I get error "Login failed, Unable to load dll api-ms-core-win" and the rest is on the next line which is unable to be seen.
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#185174 This one is most likely a little harder to tackle, but my Pokeloot in natural gen doesn't contain anything. The message pops up as "You have found a Pokeloot!" and however it goes, really.
So I look in the JSON files, and I've turned them on and off and in different combinations, and I found the problem to be that the Drops folder isn't created when I enable external drop files.
Furthermore, when external NPC files are enabled seems to be when the Pokeloot chests give nothing. I've tried creating Pokeloot chests and placing something in it, it worked fine to take it out and move it and etc, etc.
I did edit the shopitems.json and put in a few regular minecraft items like wheat (only able to be sold by the player), if the drops for the Pokeloot are loading from the shopitems config then this could be what's causing the problem.
Thanks for listening and making one of my favorite things to play!
By twiztedgremlin
MrMasochism wrote:Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the error reporting that's going on. We'll be getting more builds out constantly till we're over the bugs but while this is happening I thought I'd just share some bug reporting guidelines so that we can get this done a lot more quickly and efficiently.

1- Check what we've already fixed.
We are continually fixing bugs that have been reported to us. While we are in this beta phase, we will be maintaining a wiki page listing the bug fixes that are ready for the next beta release. If a bug you have encountered is already in that list, you don't need to report it as we have already fixed it for the upcoming Pixelmon version.

2- Check previous reports.
I know it can be difficult to go over previous reports and it feels like it's taking lots of time for you but realise that for us wading through a heap of duplicate reporncvbnts is a difficult task and one that gets very confusing. Please check previous reports and if what you came to report has already been reported then don't make a new report. If it has been reported and you have more information to provide us with then add it to the existing report.

3 - Give us all the important details.
Plenty of the current reports don't even say which of the 2 betas the error has occurred on. Please provide us with the Minecraft version, beta version, Forge version and the full crash logs if they are available.

4 - Be patient.
Fixing bugs takes lots of time. I spent at least 4 hours yesterday (not including time others also spent on the same problem) trying to work out why the Pokémon were freezing in mid-air. Pixelmon is an enormous mod with a ridiculous amount of content which means that we can't see the possible permutations of all our code changes. Some bugs we fix will introduce others but that of course is the point of a beta. You are helping us get this right!

5 - One bug per report.
Part of keeping things organised and being able to track what we've fixed is the ability to have each bug in it's each topic, this lets us tick things off and get proper feedback on each issue individually. Please don't open tickets and put a big list of things wrong in them!

We are already making good progress, a battle pausing bug fix will be released soon!

how long does it take to respond to bug fixes i would love to play this game yet i cant