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PostPosted: 12 Dec 2016 18:15
by steven1l

    is looking for staff. we are rebuilding the fully pokemon games. and we started with kanto from fire red and leaf green.

    *Ingame Mods.
    this is how we look at the moment. the server is hosted in france (dedicated) on a 32gb ram server for now.

    if you want to join our team. let me know abit bit of information :

    1# Ign:
    2# Age:
    3# Past Experience:
    4# Why should we choose you ?
    5# avaliable times ?:

    or join on dicsord

    Pixelmon-atlanta team is looking for staff.

PostPosted: 22 Dec 2016 12:30
by steven1l
almost ready with kanto lets build gen2. who will help us ?

Re: is looking for staff.

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2017 12:06
by SevenFangs
1# Ign: SevenFangs
2# Age:20
3# Past Experience: Cynarks Pokemon World (Mod, Biulder) creative build server set to recreate the pokemon world.
PsyPixel (Mod with builder permissions) pixpack on pixelmon launcher
Harborway Pixelmon (Mod and developer) tech/pixelmon server on technic launcher
GoWest (Owner, creator) wildwest theme server technic launcher
TaintedSteam (owner, creator) apocalyptic steam punk server on technic launcher
4# Why should we choose you ? Well i am just looking for an active server to get involved in. also if you are the same pack as on the launcher list. you have a mod that is incompatible. Redstone paste is the wrong version
5# avaliable times ?: well wed have to discuss it if i get the role as a mod or builder. i work monday thru sat in specific hours but i get on every night afterwards. 5 hours a day easily