By XxAwesomePlayzxX
#203486 So /teach is rather OP, since it can teach a Pokemon any move in the game. That's why it was removed from a rank on a server I play. I would really want that back (hunting TMs and move tutors are very time-consuming). Could it be made in future updates, that it can only teach the Pokémon a move it can learn in ORAS/USM (whatever generation the next version will be in)?
Or perhaps you could actually set it to where you can switch between being able to teach all moves, or being able to only teach learnable moves of that Pokemon.
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By XpanD
#203487 Going by what it says on the wiki, I have a feeling the /teach command was more intended for administration/testing purposes. I think your ideas would be a better fit for a dedicated sidemod (or maybe a part of Pixelmon Extras?), since the scope here is much bigger. Would certainly be nice to have!