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By Blazer178
#198823 We are currently on Pixelmon 5.1.2.

Server Info:

Server Rules: Click >HERE<



Join our Discord:

Greetings, players!
My name is Blazer178 and I Co-Own a great community of players along with Tymbs, The Triad of Creation's Owner. Owning a server such as ours brings a great joy to our hearts. When the community and staff get together, amazing connections can happen. We as owners are engaged in our community and strive to improve our server and our staff. The Triad of Creation is truly a place where you can join and relax, or make new best friends! Whichever you choose, we assure you, you will have a great time. See you there!

We at The Triad of Creation offer many things, these include: (but definitely not limited to)
[*] Newest version of Pixelmon
[*] Custom Shiny Starters
[*] Player-ran Gyms
[*] Rankup system
[*] Events
[*] Grief Prevention
[*] EV Pokemon training domes
[*] Great, kind and caring server staff
[*] Amazing community made up of some of the best players, like YOU!
. . . and many, many more amazing features!

Join The Triad of Creation today for an awesome time with our great community and staff!


Watch our official YouTube Trailer:
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By Ashmit
#198828 I am the Admin here and I can say you wont be disappointed cause the features mentioned above isn't everything TToC has to offer!
More features like
[*] Backpacks
[*] Mystic falls for light Vanilla Action
[*] Distortion World
[*] Crates (These Include Vote Crates)
[*] Controllable Scoreboard
[*] In Game Shop
[*] Quizzes every 90 minutes
[*] Random Loots throughout the Entire Map
and as mentioned Above so much more!

Rank-up System, promotes more than just your rank next to your name,
things like more Backpack space, more Home-Sets, Access to more Commands, etc. happen through Rank-ups.

There are constant Updates happening to server as well which adds new stuff, removes broken stuff or just fixes things.

Hope to see Y'all in the Server!
By pix3lLegend
#199864 I tried out this server and what i could say is that I have seen some rude staff alongwith not so friendly language, there isnt much to do they have gym leaders but hardly any get on from what i have seen. The community isnt the greatest. The spawn rates are very poor the time i was on there i only seen a few pokes spawn mostly felt like i was just playing vanilla minecraft. I have seen staff harass another player which i find to not be a good example for your server. Figured id write this review so that maybe you and others would know what to expect when being apart of this server,because personally i felt uncomfortable and felt like it wasnt something i would want my family to be apart of because i for sure didnt think it was very friendly for younger kids to be on.
By Jake2ik
#199902 I think this server is great! the staff is great, pixelmon spawn quite frequent as long as you stay in the chunks for a minute, and the community is great. Ive been playing on the server for about 2 weeks now and everyone has been so nice! i would definitely recommend this to a friend. -Jake2ik
By appleplays2231
#199903 i absol-lutely adore the server, the mods are always up for playing around with the players who join and they are so kind too! I love all of the creative events the owners do with the players aswell and the community is amazing. One of my favorite parts is the shiny custom starters because right off the bat i got my favorite pokemon as a shiny, eevee! :-D
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By AdminSeries
#199909 I honestly believe this will be one of the best pixelmon servers out there! This server consists of things that other servers don't have, they have a really nice staff team, and they are there when you need help. This is one of my favorite servers on minecraft. I highly recommend this server if you want to play a good pixelmon server.
By DailyDoodles
#199913 This is an amazing server! The playerbase is great, the staff are super helpful, plenty of world space to work in and lots of pokemon spawning around every player! Come join us on TToC and you're bound to have a good time!
-Daily Doodles