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By KumaGetsu
#196265 Image
Official 1.10.2 is here!
Home Page:
Server IP:

We welcome all of you to join our new 1.10.2 Official survival server! Please report bugs on our forum! We will do our best to stay updated to the latest PixelmonMod!


    • We're using the Pixelmon 5.1.2 Mod!

    • Custom Plugins (PokeAuction, PokeBattle, Refer/Loyalty, Particles, and more!) created by our developer!

    • New pokemon, new moves, and new items!

    • New map with plenty of room to build!

How to join:

    • Click HERE to download the Pixelmon Launcher (Windows only). If you're not on Windows, you can download the latest Pixelmon and forge.

    • Finally, add our server's IP to your multiplayer!

We hope you enjoy your stay with us!
Please post any comments or suggestions on our forum!
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By KumaGetsu
#197637 Updates 04/30/17:
    Updated to Pixelmon 5.0.4!
    Added Sign Shop - Create a shop with a Sign that uses items from your chest

Updates 04/29/17:
    Added Legendary Spawned - Shows the last 3 Legendaries that have spawned!
    Added Legendary EC1 Crate - Contains a random Rare/Legendary/Mythical Particle Elytras. We have created 8 Legendary Particle Elytras!
    Added Mini-Games - RTD, TicTacToe, Connect 4, Musical Minecarts, Sheep Showdown, more to come!
    Added Banner Update - Updated the banner at /spawn
    Added Clans - You can now create a Clan for 100k!
    Added Border Expanded - Expanded border to 9000!
    Added Join Title - When you join it shows the server's name and welcome message!
    Added PokeShop Changes - Adjusted the price of items and added new items

Coming soon:
    Quests - You will be able to do various tasks in the server to earn rewards!

Updates 04/19/17:
    Added Loyalty System - You gain 10 Vote Points for logging into the server for 30 min. each day and bonus points for consecutive 5/10/15/20 days!
    Added Refer-A-Friend - You will be able to /refer <player> when you join the server to gain rewards!

Updates 04/05/17:
    Fixed PokeEvents - Drop Party not dropping all items and at wrong location

Updates 04/04/17:
    Fixed PokeEvents - AFK teleports you to AFK even after you move
    Fixed PokeEvents - Can't use commands like /sethome in certain areas

Updates 04/03/17:
    Fixed PokeAuction - Creates a second page when only 10 pokemon in list
    Fixed PokeAuction - Players can add pokemon with an item
    Fixed PokeChat - local chat not having permission
    Fixed PokeEvents - pe drop party does not drop items
    Fixed PokeEvents - AFK location suffocating players
    Fixed PokeBattle - /br <player> tells them no requests
    Fixed PokeBattle - /btop not showing top players

New Plugin:
    ParticleElytra - Created a particle effect. Particles are saved on the Elytra which can be traded and the effect is based on your rank (store crate item)!

Coming Soon:
    Quests - You will be able to do quests on the Official server!
    Loyal System - You gain Vote Points for logging into the server for 30 min. each day and bonus points for consecutive 5/10/15/20 days!
    Refer-A-Friend - You will be able to /refer <player> when you join the server to gain rewards!
By yummps
#198673 yummpi_yummpi

Poké-Quest Review:

Poké-Quest is a very friendly pixelmon server with a great community that greets newcomers incredibly well. Staff is very friendly and helps anyone in need of advice, problems with other players or bugs/glitches.

Poké-Quest have their own custom plugins, for example: Particle Elytras. While wearing a certain particle elytra a particle pattern is displayed around the player, wings, symbols on the ground and rain clouds are just some of the many different particle elytras on Poké-Quest. This is a plugin that i find really enjoyable and that they have the ability to make custom plugins to add new features or solve problems is very crucial for high quality servers, as i see Poké-Quest.
By pikachuguy
#198703 Minecraft IGN: Masked_Dedede

PokéQuest is very nice! The spawn and warps have beautiful builds and the mods are really helpful (my first experience on the server was being helped by a mod lol). There are shops scattered around the warps with Poké Balls, etc., making exploration a necessity in order to get everything you need. I haven't looked too much into the custom plugins yet, but they sound fun! Definitely worth checking out!
By MagmaGrunt14
#198705 minecraft ign:Magma_Grunt14

PokéQuest is honestly one of the best servers i have ever played on. i have only been on there for a few days and already i have been greeted with the kindest staff that are more than willing to help no matter the problem. i have met a few people in the community and i feel like they are a very nice group of people that if i met in real life i feel i would get along well with them. all in all the map is fantastic i especially love the plugins and vote system and i have a feeling that i will stay on this server for a long time.
By PrincessEileen
#198721 Ingame Minecraft Username: PrincessEileen

What do you think about PokéQuest? I find this is a great server and all the players are friendly. I like the community and the some deadly and non deadly mini-games too which brings a reason to keep on your toes with a sword, armour and shield. Also great for competitive players seeking for a good Pokemon fight.
By Mentixia
#198756 Ingame Minecraft Username: Wulfient
What do you think about PokéQuest? I was recently informed a few days ago that there was a Pixelmon server I could join by one of my good friends. When I logged in, all the staff and players were so nice, not depending on my rank. Also, the community is so wonderful and the server is well-built for newly players.
By SyiiTormey
#198770 Ingame Minecraft Username: KomaruNaegi
What do you think about PokéQuest?: I love it! Wonderful community, staff, and spawn! It's challenging, I love the fact that dying does have consequences. (no keepinv) It keeps gameplay exciting! This server brings a lot of good challenge to the usual pixelmon experience. If you're looking for a server that will give you a real challenge with lots of events this is the place to be!