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By TheLonelyMoon
#192482 It's a great server, I've been recording & streaming on this server, I had really great experiences. Some pings but I can see it is reducing dramatically. I have 300 pings but I don't see any lags at all, I think it is a great server compared that it is only in BETA. It deserves much more players, SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, JOIN US *NOW*
By Darkathion
#192572 Cant wait for the launch in 8 hours gonna be beast!!! Looking forward to seeing all the shinys and giveaways and legendarys and oh its just gonna be awesome.
EVERYBODAY GET ONLIIINNNEEEEEE ANDDD CHECK IT OUT + reminder server will only have shiny starters until launch :o
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By Wishix
#192573 This server is just amazing. It is lag free and its staff members are one of the nicest people I've even met! If you're a player, looking for a brand new Pixelmon server to play on, then this is the server you're searching for. Besides having a wonderful logo, this server also has amazing builds, including 3D organics of several Pokemons. This server is simply unique and is offering a brand new Pixelmon experience, never seen in Minecraft before! I suggest you to give this server a shot. Also, this servers opening is going to happen in about 8 hours from now on. As a result of that, the staff members are going to host several contests and giveaways. I hope to see every single one of you on the server!
Thank you for your time!
By kaelonverde1
#192574 IGN: GhostWolf_2

Comment: Best Server Ever!

This server has amazing staff that are on 24/7 and are always there to answer your questions and any concerns you have. And whenever you find a glitch or something that shouldn't be in the pixelmon game they are very understanding and will help fix the problem and the both the club and heart world on this server are extraordinary how much time and quality they put into these two worlds and they divided them into teams so you and your best friends can be rivals or work together on the same world. And most of all i would like to thank the worlds greatest server owner for the time he takes to make his server the best. :-) -GhostWolf_2
By ShyRose
#192576 Awesome sister server to my own favorite server,
Staff are friendly and helpful
Town builds look amazing
Events happening Now!!!
Discord chat available to get a hold of the owner or staff if needed
Public launch hits in 8 hours! Come join us today!

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By IssacRunGood
#192585 The offical launch happens tonight at 12AM CENTRAL TIME ZONE, the server will be going down now to put in the final configs and do some final in game testing to make sure we are ready for launch. This downtime could be for a few hours. Once we launch officially at 12:00AM, we will be spawning one of each legend in the Club World and the shiny rate will be increased significantly for around two hours. Thanks for all that are making this event and launch so amazing! When we launch at 12:00 AM There will be a chest in the main HUB right next to Club Portal! In that chest will be ONE master ball for each of you! This will be a MC 24 Hour Reward chest that will be killed at 12:15AM! Please make sure to get your MASTER BALL here for the launch event!
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By TheLonelyMoon
#192595 Hello there!!!
I am Paul here OR TheLonelyMoon here and today I'm going to host a stream on Twitch on this server. (In case you don't know which is really unlikely, the server's IP is for the collaboration website and simply type /PokeNinjas to join the server)

Everyone is invited!!! Feel free to join me, and there might be a surprise coming out ;)
Link to my Twitch:

Want to re-watch the stream if you missed it?
Subscribe to my channel by searching TheLonelyMoon (it should be the only channel shows up there) OR just simply go to the link here: ... f2wk06N62w
(Subscribe would be highly appreciated! Especially I lost about 9 subscriber recently)

It might or might not be up by how well I streamed, but there's a high chance I'll re-upload the highlighted version instead of the full version.

Have a great day everyone, and have a great new year,