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By AnimeLover24
#192818 Names AnimeLover24 and so far im loving the server but it could be better if the problem with mobs spawning and freezing me up a ton would get fixed
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By FrostEffects
#192875 We have officially updated to 5.0.1! Come check out our servers. We are now in development for Gym Leaders! Check it out here:

Ongoing Pixelmon Capture Contest Event 1/5/2017 - 1/7/2017:
By lostprophet1900
#192971 well here we go!
i love this server so far from what i can tell.... much better than others for sure! the shiny starters for one i mean come on thats awesome! the mods and people are very nice. The server hasn't been demolished by people i hate seeing lots of destroyed houses ext... griefing isn't really a thing here! the chests are instantly locked so you don't have to worry about others taking your stuff. one of my favorite things again is the actual random teleports i can be in a forest one second and be in a cave the next, just really nice. the only thing is that i cant do a /back tele, so if my pokemon are dead then i can't capture a nice pokemon because once i leave ill never see it again. Now if i was able to throw pokeballs to capture stuff even when my pokemon are dead that would be great. anyway with all the stuff this server has it really makes the whole pixelmon experience very fun.