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By Wofieboy
#192197 I've been playing the server for a couple of hours and my experience has been great, friendly staff, friendly people and good, easy plugins.
By Vermzy
#192479 Even though I joined like 1 day ago, I really love the server a lot as it's quiet and I have more time to be alone and do what I want instead of server that are really contained with loads of people as they spam the chat or even follow me.

Also, my username is Vermzy.
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By TheMClegend
#192522 I honestly love the feel of this server, just a small nice community. Everyone on here is super nice as well. My only dislikes-which are minor- are that you get a photo on every pokemon kill (I was told that it will probably get changed soon) and that legendaries are a 50/50 spawn chance every 2 hours, it just feels like they are either gonna be super common now or never seen ever. But other than those 2 things I genuinely love this server! :-D