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By trevorgames00
#192751 Ingame Minecraft Username: TheBlueInferno15(she's use my accounts to post these)
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): PokeMC is a fantastical representation of the Kanto region. With such intense detail, it amazes every player, no matter how experienced. With every pokemon but the newest, it keeps players busy. Not only are there hundreds of pokemon to catch, but players can make their own pokeballs, if they've gathered the resources. A great way to gain pokeballs without spending money at the shops. Speaking of money, players can earn money by battling npcs, which are all over the world. And if players ever get tired of following the routes, they can go to a random location teleporter. To simply say it, this server is one of the best ones I've ever played. It never runs out of things to do, no matter how far you get.
By leunammel
#192752 Ingame Minecraft Username: leunammel
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): My first impressions of pokemc were great. Thrown straight in with a starter pack of pokeballs, potions and food so you can start catching all the pokemon you want. Brilliant. The mods are really quick and helpful with use of a few simple commands. If i could suggest one thing it would be to reduce the food intake needed and raise a few of the spawn rates in certain wild areas.
Great server all around though.
By AlpacaWithAFez
#192785 Ingame Minecraft Username: AlpacaWithAFez
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): PokeMC has one of the best minecraft communities i have been a pleasure of being in since i first joined multiplayer minecraft. the mods and admins are always a great help and there is always another friendly trainer that can help you out with any information you need on items and pokemon the server.
By cgwilson1
#192828 Ingame Minecraft Username:Cgwilson1
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia):Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): All in all I think that this server is pretty darn great! The staff are amazing, there's a lot of websites to vote on. Also when I first joined I was welcomed by almost everyone in the server. In conclusion, this server is amazing and I plan to play on it for a long time.
By bub162
#192836 ingame minecraft username: bub162
chosen sever(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC (50 words or more): This pixelmon sever is a fun and not very complicated sever. this was the very first sever I played on and it was fun and everyone welcomed me in. I like how none of the players swear. at first everyone did not want to show me around the pokeloverEX helped me out and we are friends. I love this sever and I am going to play it for a long time.
By Zaides
#192857 Ingame Minecraft Username: Lethalshadows
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): I played this mod way back in the day and have not touched minecraft itself in a few years now. Recently me and a friend wanted to play minecraft again. Since my 3DS broke recently I was unable to fulfill my craving for Pokemon se we decided to give Pixelmon a shot again and the very first server we joined was this one. and I have to say, for all the Kind and generous players and mods on this server, me and a buddy are gonna be sticking around for a while now.. Hell I might even donate soon :) this is a FANTASTIC Pixelmon server that will catch the eye of a lot of people as it did with me and my friend (P.s we brought over 2 more friends to play :D )
By Gloego
#192878 Ingame Minecraft Username: Gloegolas
Chosen Server(Kanto, Castelia): Kanto
What do you think about PokeMC?(50 words or more): Quite awesome. The ability to go plant your home down somewhere randomly in the world (others are usually near by enough to see your glorious work), uses the Kanto map, which is super well designed, and has a nice set of active players. Would recommend.