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By Lorelai1115
#143926 Hello, and welcome to The Empire Network’s public Pixelmon Server’s thread.

Here at Pixel Empire, we strive to offer you the best features and builds that you could ask for. We have spent countless hours getting this server ready for you to join and play on with the rest of the community.

We have all been in that place where we couldn’t find a decent server to play on. Sometimes a server’s staff isn’t friendly, or the builds aren’t beautiful, or the owner is never online, etc. However, that is NOT what we are about. We strive to bring you fresh updates and constantly add new features for you to enjoy and explore. Moderated by a friendly and social staff team, we can guarantee that everyone will feel welcome here.

We offer TWO worlds in ONE server! An adventure world where you can explore the server builds and battle gym leaders and also a survival world where you can build your own base, make a farm, breed your Pokemon, etc!

We also have a FREEPokefan rank for you to obtain! This rank allows you access to a few new commands that the default rank doesn’t offer.

The Free Pokefan Rank Includes :

/gts - Access to the Global Trade System!

/evs and /ivs - Access to commands to check the Evs and Ivs of your Pokemon!

/wondertrade - Access to wondertrade your Pokemon away in exchange for a different random one!

/pokestats - See your Pokemon Win / Loss stats!

Access to the PixelShout sidemod! Create a listing to sell your Pokemon!

Ability to claim Pokestops that are set up around the adventure world!

Now, the all important question. How to obtain this rank?

All you have to do is fill out the application below!

In Game Name :

Honest Review of the server :

Images from the server :
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By iPhantuhm
#143943 It truly is a really good server! There's always at least 1 person of Staff online to help those in need(Which is always really helpful), a wonderful start-up when you first join, and so much more that you'll really have to experience to believe! ~iWontEverKnow
By OllieRollo
#143970 I am making a review of PokeEmpire. This server is fun has nice staff and gym leaders and they have free ranks aswell. I was joining the server to have fun and then i realized you can apply but i will only apply when i have the time. I would join this server if my friend told me how fun it would and your friends ould two and frmember join fast to get the AWESOME kit NewYear it provides you with 32 pokeball 32 great balls and 32 Ultra balls and evan 2 master balls!!! and MANY MORE AWESOME STUFF! :-o also kit newyear gives you a egg. Ive never seen a server giving that cool stuff before. and you evan start of with 500 $. If i were you i would join this server and never leave it. But i have to leave it alot because i have school and homework. But JOIN QUICK for kit NEWYEAR 2015 has hit the world. Thanks for reading my In game name is OllieRollo peice. :-D