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By WolfSurfer
#193010 As many others have said, this really is an amazing server. I have recently just joined with a couple friends of mine, and we have all loved it so far. I don't have much to say other then its a really great server to play with friends or just by yourself. Keep up the amazing work! <3

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By AreaxisFromMC
#193061 While being honest, the new update of 1.10.2 pixelmon still needs alot of improvement, but apart from it, the server is quite good and fun to play at :D i am making a town right now and i hope that an update doesn't ruin it like last time xD but in but personally: This is the BEST Server! You guys won't regret to join it!
By ShinyCobble57
#193195 MCIGN: PKMNTrainerMike
WebsiteUsername for Miragecraft:PKMNTrainerMike
Username For Pixelmon Website: ShinyCobble57

⛏⛏⛏ Server IP: ⛏⛏⛏ ❤❤❤ Website: ❤❤❤ Welcome to my review of the amazing server Mirage Craft This is a 5.0.1 Pixelmon server with awesome staff and players -Level 10 Starters, to give the little bit of an extra boost -Warps to help you get around -A safari zone with Loads of pokemon -Lots of plugins Including Wondertrade -Mystery Gift -Money and other things i dont know! :P i Dont Know if i broke any rules if i did please inform me This is a Great Server -Michael
By Knagic
#193212 Alrighty,
My name is Knagic in game. I've been playing on MirageCraft for about a month now. When I started, everyone gave me a warm welcome but unfortunately an error appeared and I was forced a Starter pokemon (defaulted to Charmander). Although, due to the server's amazing 5x spawn rate, I was able to catch my ideal starter - a piplup! The server has setup warps that can teleport you to a specific biome. This is extremely useful for those who dislike to find biomes by foot.
MirageCraft is an amazing server in general; the staff are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to help you, fps drops do happen but the custom MirageCraft resource pack completely gets rid of it! The Rank system is also very useful, the first rank "Trainer" is very easy to get and helps in the long term. Furthermore, the ranks are not overpriced and are relatively cheap. Ranks can be obtained by completing the gyms and even the elite 4. In my opinion, the gyms will force you to make a full team that you have to stand by to beat the gym meaning that it will be a difficult challenge.
Furthermore, gyms leaders are extremely intelligent - they know how to switch pokemon and take advantages. Talking about advantages, flying pokemon are essential for transport and getting yourself around, you'll be able to find one without even trying!
Moving on, wondertrade is an excellent way for finding new pokemon will 2 single commands. It can be great for filling in the pokedex and even finding your next party member! Likewise, Mystery Gifts are less often and I have not been in an event but considering that event prizes can equal to a rank, I am guessing that it will be equivalent to a huge drop party! Oh! Did I mention the awesome things you can get with rank perks? Ranks on MirageCraft can give you a random shiny pokemon every few days! Think about having a new shiny thrill every 3-4 days! Talking about perks, you can toggle pvp on or off if you have trainer (free rank btw!). This is very useful if you are a non-pvper. However, I believe there is an arena dedicated to PvP! Leaving no-one left out.

ALTHOUGH, the economy of free to play players is exceptionally low. I believe this due to the players not able to sell resources like potatoes. The only way to earn some Pokecoins is to vote or to auction pokemon. Thus, in my opinion, making this the only flaw of this server.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this server to anyone. The community is vivid with positivity, heck even the admins are super friendly. Why not give it a try?
By Rxll
#193312 Rxll
I have found Miragecraft to be a lively, fun community . The server has a variety of special features that make it a good working server . It has keepinv, tricky gyms, a BIGGER spawn rate to assist in spawning in the pokemons that you want .And a safari that spawns in those pokemons that you cant find in the wild .
Everyday i get on and dedicate a couple hours to playing pixelmon and being able to come online to a group of friends that help me and get help from me .The server allows you to claim land to protect your base which is essential to a normal survival server giving this server the aspects of and regular survival server and the addition on an amazing pixelmon server .
There are very little bad aspects to the server being how hard the economy is if you are not selling high ivs . high evs and trained pokemon . However, voting is a quick an easy way of getting money .Another downside to the server, They have disabled planting apricorns which stops me from making stacks on stacks of pokeballs . This is however countered by the apricornfarm the server has set up using a warp . There are a lot of warps to get you to places all around aswell as a random teleport that takes you far away from explored lands .
Inconclusion , Miragecraft is a welcoming , lively and fun server that will give you joy in playing pixelmon solo or with new friends you will make , the server has very little bad aspects to it so better then other servers that have massive lag problems .

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By DetectiveDoot
#193315 Username: Detective_Doot
Forum: Detective_Doot
this server is the best and only server I play on I have tried about 30 other servers but this one by far is the best everyone is kind not vulgar and there is no swearing so I wanted to say thank you you guys are the reason I play pixelmon because its no fun playing alone the only request I have is that you guys make a warp to the mesa thank you for the great server and keep up the great work! :-D
By Unigi
#193344 This is a great server, everyone is friendly and the mods are really nice, and its great that you can claim your house and no one else can touch it. This server is one of the 2 servers I follow and love. I don't have bad things to say about this server, I can't really find something bad about it. This is an amazing server and I will recommend to several friends!
By jordaxe12
#193352 Minecraft Username: jordaxe12
Pixelmonmod website username: jordaxe12

Hi i love your server it is amazing but there are a few things that could be improved first of all i think u should put gyms in designated areas. such as bug in the swamp and water in the ocean etc.and it will also help with lag in the town as i cannot beat the bug gym because u have to parkour and i cannot in the lag. and i think u should add a savanna warp and a mesa warp thanks. that will be all