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By luisericfun
#191410 Ign: luisericfun website name: luisericfun

Amazing Server one of the best pixelmon servers I've ever played 10/10. The server is very peaceful and when I ask for help they would help this server is recommended for newbies like me and people that have experience also can you please add a safari.
-luisericfun :-)
By SirUndefeatable
#191500 This server is one of the best servers I've ever played. I've been looking for a good 1.10.2 server for Pixelmon and this is the one I will be playing on a lot. There is a really good amount of spawn rate which is really good because then there will be a moment where you will get tired of looking for Pokemon but this server has lots spreading around the world so you can explore and find lots of Pokemon. I recommend this server to anyone that is looking for a 1.10.2 Pixelmon server this is just amazing.

SirUndefeatable :-)
By TwoCommand
#191581 This server is amazing so far! from what I've seen this server should have more than 400 people on a day free ranks free shiny pokemon just for a review! And the community is overall great. From the players i have met they are more than helpful they are fantastic and SnowBlitzz has done a amazing job on the server from what I've seen. There a few faults but what server doesnt have a fault I mean even the top servers have more faults than this server. This server looks and is phenomenal.

Name is TwoCommand on here and on Forums :-)
By Janne98
#191582 First off, hello server friends! I was playing on the server a while ago, but had to take a pause once I updated Pixelmon. After MirageCraft updated too I joined again and I find the server just as fun to play on as before, if not even better.

As far as I have noticed on this server, the other players on it is really kind, and the staff is helpful and listens if you need any help. Since I was gone from this server my claim was unfortunately removed and someone else have taken the claim, and since I worked very hard on my house and getting all the items I had it was pretty sad. However, I asked around a bit and was told I can simply post on the forum about the problem. I got help fast, and my claim was given back within the next day. This is the first time I have really met a staff that fixes a problem that fast or even helped me out with anything at all, so I am happy to have found a server with a good staff.

The only downsides I have noticed with the server so far is only battle lagging, or freezing so that I must re-log, but that doesn't happen all too often. Another problem is that it is not possible to plant your own apricorns to make a farm, so luckily the server has a warp to it's own apricorn farm. The server has many other warps as well, including to different biomes, gyms, areas around spawn and others which I personally think is made very neat and it is easy to get to somewhere by using that command. The help command is very good as well, giving you all information needed, and myself was able to start of quickly and easily with that command.

Overall, I really love this server- recommended definitely!
By Munken23
#191634 Minecraft Username: Munken23
Pixelmonmod website username: Munken23

Best server I've played on so far 10/10 ;-)
The Admins are very helpfull and kind. I had some problems getting started but with the help of everyone here it went excellent. I got my friend playing here aswell and he thinks the server is awesome too :)
The safari zone was a great thing to add to the server because now I'll get to catch the pokemons I like :D.
I totally recommend this server for everyone out there still trying to find a great pixelmonserver to play on.
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By themcpanda
#191650 Minecraft Username:TheMCPanda
Pixelmonmod website username:TheMCPanda
The server is great i haven't seen any issues with it im planning to be on it for a while and honestly i have not noticed any lag at all im planning to try and get some of my friends to join on me the server and im sure they will love it as well
By SkylerAkame
#191688 this is a amazing server and great people and helpers. Out of all the pixelmon servers ive played this one is the best! <3 :-D i would like if there was more to spawn tho like more buildings and it would be cool to do tasks like things for npcs~
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By JakeMaster2012
#191698 Minecraft Username: PkmnMaster_Jake
Pixelmonmod website username: JakeMaster2012

This server is pretty great~! I'm new and i can already tell that both the staff and community are friendly which is always a good thing, and i also like how the pokemon are lvl 60 the farther you are away from spawn and im also enjoying the x5 pokemon spawn rate its pretty nice aswell, glad i found this server
By NoobDosMinecraft
#191783 9/10! This server is so cool because it is a real big world, i love pixelmon, the owner (probably you who is reading) Snowblitzz is really friendly and there is even a pokemon safari which is really really cool. But there is one thing that makes me sad i followed the instructions to get a trainer rank but i didnt get the rank which makes me really sad:,(