• Coming soon

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    Posted on Jul 27 2014 By MrMasochism

  • Pixelmon Community Events - Choose who's coming!

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    Check out the new poll guys, this lets you decide what we add next!


    Mr M
    PS. my money's on the seedot line!
    Posted on Jul 18 2014 By MrMasochism

  • 3.2 Open BETA

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    Hey People!

    Here is an open beta of Pixelmon 3.2, using Forge 1.7.10. This is not being tested by us, so it's up to you guys to submit your bug reports.

    Content wise, we haven't added anything to this. A few fixes, and the 1.7.10 update. Once we have a few things fixed and the version is good to go, we'll look to add content.

    Download, change log and recommended Forge : - Downloads Page

    Issue Tracker : - Bug Tracker

    Posted on Jul 17 2014 By Isi

  • Some new animation stuff

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    Hi Guys,

    Here's a short vid zeecount made showing off the new smds vs the old object format. New pokemon will be coming soon!

    Posted on Jul 16 2014 By MrMasochism

  • Pixelmon Community Events

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    Hey Guys,

    This is the start of a new era for the pixelmon website, Community Events!
    To kick things off we have a small one, a little poll asking for what you look for in a pokemon...
    As we get going we'll look to have events regularly, some will be polls, some will be competitions, some will be getting feedback on where the mod is heading and what should be done next (look out soon for a which pokemon will be added next poll!)

    Link to the first!

    Posted on Jul 15 2014 By MrMasochism

  • Pixelmon 3.1.4

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    Hi all,

    Pixelmon 3.1.4 - Fixed issue with PC packets.

    Download on our Downloads Page

    Report Bugs on our Issue Tracker

    Posted on Jul 12 2014 By Isi

  • Pixelmon 3.1.3

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    Hi guys.

    Pixelmon 3.1.3!

    Download on the Downloads Page

    Changelog is also on the download page.

    Report bugs here - Issue Tracker
    Posted on Jul 12 2014 By Isi

  • Sidemod: EVs/IVs

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    Another sidemod release.

    EVs/IVs. Have fun!

    Download - Downloads Page

    Posted on Jul 08 2014 By Isi

  • Need more info

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    There's a bug in 3.1.2 which we can't replicate yet in order to fix it so I'm putting out a call here for more help. Sometimes, it seems randomly (but it won't be random), a pokemon gets a could not load moves error and then will replace itself when you re-login. What we need to know is exact steps that cause this error to happen. If you have those steps or are willing to try and find them please post a comment in this bug ticket:
    Thanks for your help!

    Isi: Just to add to this, server owners, you wouldn't see an error for this on normal logging with MCMA or Multicraft. If you could set your logging level to 0 for MCMA, and for Multicraft turn off your rate limit, you guys might actually catch the error for us.
    Posted on Jul 07 2014 By MrMasochism

  • Pixelmon 3.1.2

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    Good evening People!

    Here is the release of Pixelmon 3.1.2, a bunch of bug fixes. And we dropped it's size by over 100mb! (Smaller texture files, loads better, yadda yadda cool stuff)

    Expect our releases to *kind of speed up, as we're looking to release regular bug fixes, along side our regular content and feature updates. Sidemods too!

    You can find this new version on our Downloads Page

    Please note the change log that's on that page with each release, quite a few seem to miss it.

    As always, please report any bugs to our Issue Tracker - We'll never know about a bug until it's reported!

    You can also report sidemod bugs, suggest features, and get support from out tracker.

    Don't forget to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages to see what we're up to! (You won't always see stuff we're adding into immediate patches, but you'll see what'll eventually come along!

    Notes for server owners - If you're going to update, please follow common server administration practice before updating. Take your backups, use development environments, do your plugin research, etc.

    Recommended Forge environment (Server) -

    Not-so-recommended-but-you'll-use-it-anyway-Cauldron(Ex-MCPC+) environment - 1.1147.04.90

    Video for people -

    Also like to add - A big thank you from myself, MrMasochism, Rhonim, Ghostwolf, Hiroku, SPG, Zeecount, and the rest of us at the Pixelmon team for staying patient with us for 3.1, and for keeping up with us on updates, reporting your bugs, and showing your support. Pixelmon has come a long way since pre-2013, and we wouldn't be here without you guys!

    Okay, did my part, it's all up to you guys now!

    Much hate, Isi <3
    Posted on Jul 06 2014 By Isi