• 3.1 Progress and some other exciting stuff

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    Hi Guys,

    3.1 is still moving towards completion. Translation is getting there and we have a team of 12 or so people who are working on translating our lang files into their respective languages so they'll be ready for release. So far we are having trouble finding anyone willing to translate it into Wookie or Gallifreyan though. If you are keen let us know in the comments.

    I'm just waiting on our graphics guy to fix up the battle gui for me and I'll be done with my battle stuff and we have abilities in and working.

    Also our modelling team have now expanded to add an animation team in to what they are doing. Here are some early results:

    Hope you have a great easter!
    Posted on Apr 16 2014 By MrMasochism

  • 1.7 Update News Vol.4

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    Hi Guys,

    The battle system is basically back to previous functionality but now running on the fully generalised code. That means that it will be relatively simple now to add different forms of battles. The code now supports full targeting and any number of participants. I'm really happy with how it's going. Will implement a form of double battle in the next few days hopefully (if I can find the time) and when I do I'll put up a video showing it off.

    With that done I'm now working on bringing Hiroku's extremely extensive ability code over to the new battle system and the 1.7 code base. All very exciting!

    Feel I need to put out a disclaimer as there have been some rather nasty rumours floating around...
    Pixelmon has never and will never have malicious code in it. It has no malware, viruses or anything else nasty in it. If you hear anything to the contrary it is a lie and there has been no attempt to find out the truth. We did have a blacklist in the mod in previous versions but it could do no damage to a computer or to any minecraft worlds etc. It was removed after discussion and at the request of mojang.

    Hope you are all having a great week,
    Posted on Apr 07 2014 By MrMasochism

  • 1.7 Update News Vol.3

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    Was waiting for april fools to be finished so I could post this without people asking whether it was true...

    As I was working on the 1.7 update I got into working on the battle code and, as happens frequently with me, I started to get frustrated that it couldn't do a few things. So I decided to rewrite it... Hiroku's a bit upset with me as it makes his job a little harder (he's been adding in abilities) and I admit I probably jumped in the deep end a bit and it will delay the 1.7 update but it also allows for a really cool new feature!

    Double/Triple/Rotation Battles/any other type of battle you can think of!

    Not all of these will be in the 1.7 update, will probably just implement double battles and maybe triple battles but the code will be in place to allow all the others to operate.

    Anyway hope that excites you! I'm pretty keen to see how it's used.
    Posted on Apr 01 2014 By MrMasochism

  • Pixelmon 3.0.4

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    Hey all!

    At the request of a Mojang developer, we have released this version, that contains no DRM.

    Simple drag and drop change for this, just delete the previous version from you mods folder, drop this in and delete your pixelmon.cfg (Found in the config folder).

    With the DRM removed, the mod will still collect statistics (Motd, player count, generated ID etc) for a later feature. This is opt-in, and default set to false in your config.

    You'll find the update over on the Downloads Page

    Posted on Mar 30 2014 By Isi

  • Pixelmon 3.0.3

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    Hello all!

    This is the last update for Pixelmon on a 1.6.4 Minecraft environment. Now we're onto 1.7 Minecraft, with Pixelmon 3.1!

    If you are updating your Pixelmon version, simply delete the previous version from your mods folder and place the Pixelmon 3.0.3 ZIP into the mods folder. Make sure to delete your pixelmon.cfg from your config folder too.

    Head on over to the Downloads page to get it!

    - Icy and mossy rocks fixed
    - Trainer vision fixed
    - No longer get a false positive for winning vs trainers
    - Fixed an issue with orbs only showing half full
    Not much else to explain, literally just performance tweaks!

    Posted on Mar 28 2014 By Isi

  • Most recent Mojang update

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    Hey all.

    This is towards servers owners.
    If you aren't already aware, Mojang made a recent change that caused an issue with Spigot and MCPC to become apparent. This is not their fault, or anyone elses. Just a bit of unexpected bad luck.

    For those of you looking for a fix to constantly crashing servers as of this date, note the following :-

    It only affects MCPC and Spigot based servers. (This can include Bungeecord servers if your base server uses Spigot.)

    To fix this, Spigot and MCPC have both done fast fixes for the issue. Simply replace your MCPC or Spigot JAR with the following relevant file, and delete your Library folder before starting the server.

    MCPC - Click here < This is a direct download link

    Spigot - Click here

    Good luck guys, and don't throw out any hate, it's an issue that no-one expected.

    Posted on Mar 26 2014 By Isi

  • 1.7 Update News Vol.2

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    Hi Guys,

    Thought you'd all like to know what's been going on in the dev team regarding the update to 1.7. Well, it's good news! We've been making huge progress, I'd say we are at 95% functionality at this stage and we are now working on a few new things in addition to getting the last bits up and running. The first of these is translation!

    I decided that with the move to 1.7 and the new way it registers blocks and items that we would at the same time move to embrace the lang file setup that mojang uses. This means that the entire mod will be translatable without needing to modify the database at all! We are a little way off finishing this but I think it's a great thing to add and worth the delay. We will hopefully be able to post the lang file on the website before the update so that you guys will have the chance to start working on translations. If we get finished translations before the release then we will include them in the release files. Fear not though, if translations come after they will be added into the files for the subsequent release.

    Posted on Mar 26 2014 By MrMasochism

  • Not bad for only a few days

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    There's still heaps to do but it's very encouraging!
    Posted on Mar 18 2014 By MrMasochism

  • And now...

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    < 4000 errors to go!
    Posted on Mar 16 2014 By MrMasochism

  • More 1.7 update news

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    Down to under 30,000 errors...
    Posted on Mar 15 2014 By MrMasochism

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