Well, it's Safari games again, but SomeBody insists that we have Pokemon AI smart and aggressive, so it's like CoD except the Pokemon are killstreaks but we can't control them. Some of us will be on Discord too!

Sorry! I forgot we'd be on an unreleased version, my bad! (Though, you get to see 1.8.9s creamy fps goodness in action)




GhostWolf recently gave the team the source code for his minigame side-mods and this was first on my list to update.

What we're doing is having several Safari Games rounds one after the other, some Devs will be there so the competition will be tough :P Some of them will be streaming

the first round begins at:

Twitch links:
Mr Masochism: http://www.twitch.tv/mrmasochism/
Hiroku: http://www.twitch.tv/Hiroku_dev

the IP is: beta1.pixelmonmod.com

jump on Discord for voice chat:

to teleport to biomes (or the PokeCenter) use /biome <name>

some commands that may help you get an edge:

there will be multiple games to make sure people get a chance to play
Read in full here :- http://blog.sketchfab.com/post/138152657594/community-contest-heroic-voxels


From Sketchfab :-
In a world built on three dimensional pixels, a hero must design and build a fantasy voxel world and protect it from an unknown evil that may determine the fate of an entire kingdom. Export your tale to Sketchfab using annotations to tell your story and by the power of Greyskull… you might be victorious!

We’re excited about the recent popularity of ‘Voxel’ art here at Sketchfab! If you’re new to this: Voxels are 3-dimensional ‘pixels’. You can think of voxel art as ‘3D pixel art’.

For artists it’s an attractive, minimalist medium to create their work with. The constraints of working with basic cubic shapes and the absence of texture maps force them to reduce their concepts to the absolute minimum. And yet, the resulting work is usually surprisingly figurative and vibrant - take a look in our Voxel gallery!

We thought it would be a great theme for our next contest. And as the medium is already so restrictive, we thought we should give you some more freedom in the topic: Fantasy. So we’re talking about castles, knights, wizards, dragons and all that.

Tell us a story through a diorama, and use annotations to tell a story and guide us through as it unfolds. Each contestant will receive a month of Sketchfab PRO so you can use up to 20 annotations per scene.

We’ve got an exciting pot of prizes for you, and we have an amazing group of judges - both artists and creators of renowned voxel tools - who will use all their expertise to help us pick the winners.

Here’s what you can win!
1st prize
  • Lego Studio box
  • A $200 budget to 3D Print your work in full color at 3D Hubs
  • A Qubicle Master license
  • A Parrot Airborne Cargo drone - sponsored by 3D Slash
  • 12 months of Sketchfab PRO, a Sketchfab Hoodie & T-Shirt and a Custom Cardboard

2nd prize
  • A $200 budget to 3D Print your work at 3D Hubs
  • Qubicle Home license
  • 6 month of Sketchfab PRO, a Sketchfab T-Shirt and a Custom Cardboard

3rd prize
  • A $50 budget to 3D Print your work at 3D Hubs
  • Qubicle Home license
  • 3 months of Sketchfab PRO, a Sketchfab T-Shirt and a Cardboard

Pixelmon News 30th January

I'm Back!

Had a great holiday and now full of energy and excited for what the next year holds for Pixelmon :-D

There's a pic of one of the places I visited while I was away. Was pretty stunning as I'm sure you'll agree. Please share any photos of your holidays with us in the comments section!

I've had a bit of a look around the forums but will take me a few days to get on top of it all. However, I can announce the winner of the last poll, "What Next?".

There were 2 options there that got far more votes than the others so what we'll do is add both!

Gyms - The plan will be to work on it in a way that's similar to existing structures and npcs, I'll get the whole code framework up and running and then we'll open it up to submissions from all of you for the actual gyms and gym leaders. Get building, we'll be wanting lots of variety in our gyms, feel free to go mad with redstone puzzles or parkour if that's your thing.

Improved Wild Pokemon Behaviour - Once gyms are done I'll get to work on this. Adding layers upon layers of extra ai to wild pokemon. I'm pretty excited about getting the chance to work here and to see what sort of emergent behaviour will come as a result.

Let me know how your holidays went and what you got up to. Also feel free to comment on your ideas for those 2 new features!

We'll have a new release up by the end of next week all things going to plan. It will have the update to 1.8.9 which I'm told will massively decrease ram requirements for running pixelmon in minecraft due to a whole heap of improvements in the core minecraft renderer.


So close!

Never have I seen one of our polls hold head to head like this! Keep voting, you have a few days left! Poll link

And don't forget to vote on Xanders animation thread! Poll link

There's also the World Project polls, and a lot of them Forum link

Animation Poll!

Since I don't have much time because soon i'll have my finals, i can only animate 1 line, but which one, you will decide which one will be animated first...

Vote on which Pokemon should be animated in this short space of time : -Poll link