Hey Guys,

Thought today I'd shine a spotlight on a few people who've been working really hard translating the mod.
As you can see, a few people have worked really hard on keeping the translations up to date in their known languages. AnonymousRandomPerson (Some Body) and MrMasochism are of course devs and just working in english but the others there on that list are those working on other languages and have been doing a great job! Thanks to all of them for helping make this mod awesome

Hey Guys,

We want to get some priority for our gen 1 pokemon remake schedule (updating those pokemon that look ugly). So we have a poll for you. 5 options and you'll have 3 votes to cast. We'll look to develop and add the pokemon in the order that the final poll comes out with.

Vote away! Will run for 7 days...

1. Ekans and Arbok
2. Tentacool and Tentacruel
3. Scyther and Pinsir
4. Gengar and Electabuzz
5. Golduck and Primeape

Pixelmon News 21st August

Hey Everyone,

New installment of pixelmon news for you!

As you will have noticed, we hoped to have a new version of the launcher coming out soon and it will be soon. The delay is due to the fact that a few of the 1.8 side-mods which we hoped to have on that launcher are not ready yet and we wanted to have a decent list of side-mods ready for download when we put this out. The launcher itself is ready and waiting and we'll get it to you as soon as we can.

Also there'll be a new pokemon poll coming soon asking which gen 1 lines we should focus on bringing up to scratch next. It will hopefully have multiple voting options so we can get a priority list together.

In other news, I made a cool vid:

there's been some more progress on town generation:

and the x32 texture pack has been updated for 4.0.7!

Feel free to post any questions/comments in the thread!

Hi all - Pixelmon 4.0.7 has finally arrived, with twice the excitement!

For some reason we have to keep saying this, make sure that if you update your Pixelmon, that you check to see if your Forge version needs an update. So many of your issues can be saved if you'd remember to check your versions.

Double Battles - Double battles are now robust and officially part of the mod. They can be started in multiple ways:
  1. By clicking the double battle button in the accept battle screen when fighting another player - this will start a battle where each player has 2 pokemon out at once
  2. By setting an npc trainer to double battle mode which works similarly
  3. By using /pokebattle2 which allows any sort of battle setup with up to 4 participants, either players or pokemon names

  • New Pokemon - We'll let you check those out for yourself.
  • A ton of new items
  • Fancy new blocks
  • A lot of new moves/abilities
  • Lots of stuff fixed, details below

-PC looking a bit dull? Try right clicking it with some dye. Want to make an interesting gym? Try a movement block. Move tutors? Check. Move relearners? Check. And more, lots more.
-Oh, and we summoned the ZeeCount and fixed Shinx. We've run out of soul gems now, so we'll need sacrifices volunteers to make more.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for any sneak peeks we might decide to share with you.

Pixelmon Downloads, recommended Forge and changelog : - Downloads Page
The launcher will be updated with 4.0.7 the following day.
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Changelog | Show
New Stuff


Double battles
  • Made 1v1 double battles possible
  • Added double battle setting to NPC Trainers
  • Made it possible to challenge people to double battles with the challenge GUI
  • Added spread move damage reduction
  • Added support for Medicine and Poké Balls
  • Allowed /pokebattle2 to take two or three arguments
  • Battle GUI now removes participants when they have no Pokémon remaining
  • Enabled fleeing in wild double battles
  • Made it possible to cancel a previously selected move before deciding all turn actions
  • Made it possible to partake in a double battle with one Pokémon remaining




  • Fixed Shinx
  • Dig will no longer reduce Durability of equipped tool
  • Added attack category to move details in PokéChecker
  • Added battle victory message
  • Added Fast Ball catch rate bonus
  • Added healing animation
  • Added message when a Poké Ball is thrown in battle
  • Added message when Pokémon escapes capture
  • Added Timer Ball catch rate bonus
  • Adjusted friendship gain/loss values
  • Allowed traders to have customizable skins
  • Changed ranch block to not break instantly when hit
  • Made chatting NPCs unable to be pushed around
  • Made Gems stackable
  • Made getting an item by name (editing NPC Trainer) more robust
  • Made /pokebattle2 trigger battle start event
  • Moved gender icon in Pokémon select screen
  • /pokegive sets friendship to base rather than 0
  • /pokespawn, /pokegive, /pokebattle2 can now spawn random Pokémon
  • Ported /endbattle and /teach from Pixelmon Extras into main mod
  • Separated traders from the Trainer editor GUI

  • Battle log error messages
  • Fossil tooltips
  • Pixelmon spawner
  • /pokebattle2
  • PokéChecker menu in PC
  • /struc
  • Trainer editor encounter mode

Misc. fixes
  • Fixed chatting NPC not saving texture
  • Fixed crash when other mods add biomes incorrectly
  • Fixed crash when using external moves when they are disabled
  • Fixed default Trainer messages not being random
  • Fixed display error when deleting moves in PokéChecker
  • Fixed EV-reducing Berries
  • Fixed exceptions thrown in /struc and /tpbat
  • Fixed Mew spawning when Generation 1 is disabled
  • Fixed missing Salac Berry in Forage loot
  • Fixed missing sound errors
  • Fixed missing texture warnings on startup
  • Fixed Moon Ball not giving bonus catch rate on base-stage Pokémon
  • Fixed Pickup having unintentionally limited loot
  • Fixed Pixelmon spawner crash when invalid rarity is entered
  • Fixed PP not being updated correctly after healing
  • Fixed Quick Ball giving a bonus when it shouldn't
  • Fixed rollback of Pokémon upon player death
  • Fixed Steve skins on NPC Trainers
  • Fixed Trainer loss message not showing when items are rewarded
  • Fixed variable power/type moves displaying incorrectly in PokéChecker
  • Fixed vitamins/Berries not increasing friendship at 254

General battle fixes
  • Added message to Aromatherapy and Heal Bell
  • Added message to Iron Ball when negating airborne
  • Added message to Synthesis/Morning Sun/Moonlight
  • Added missing Baton Pass failure message
  • Added protection against temporary Abilities overwriting real Abilities
  • Changed Synchronoise failure message
  • Fixed Anger Point and Rage triggering if Pokémon faints
  • Fixed battle camera crash
  • Fixed battle crash from moves with multiple targets called by other moves
  • Fixed battle crash with Foresight/Miracle Eye/Odor Sleuth
  • Fixed battle locking up when multi-turn moves miss
  • Fixed burn and poison from non-attack sources bypassing immunities
  • Fixed crash when a weather is replaced with another
  • Fixed Destiny Bond triggering when it shouldn't
  • Fixed Early Bird
  • Fixed Electro Ball and Gyro Ball ignoring stat modifiers
  • Fixed Fake Out ignoring flinch immunities
  • Fixed Fairy Gem boosting Normal-type moves
  • Fixed (Hi) Jump Kick crash damage
  • Fixed inconsistency between damage and healing for draining moves
  • Fixed incorrect Block/Spider Web mechanics
  • Fixed Leaf Guard preventing Rest when not in effect
  • Fixed Magic Guard not blocking certain things
  • Fixed Metronome
  • Fixed moves that call other moves deducting PP incorrectly
  • Fixed moves working against targets that already fainted
  • Fixed multi
  • hit moves missing halfway through execution
  • Fixed No Guard not working on the user's moves
  • Fixed Rest duration
  • Fixed Technician
  • Fixed Toxic not affecting catch rate
  • Fixed variable damage moves being unaffected by certain Abilities and items
  • Fixed Volt Absorb message
  • Tweaked Future Sight mechanics
  • When two Pokémon faint together, their replacements will switch out at the same time.

Double battle fixes
  • Allowed Acupressure to target a partner
  • Disabled /pokebattle2 if a player is already in a battle or has no Pokémon remaining
  • Fixed allied team statuses being blocked by Protect/Magic Coat/Magic Bounce
  • Fixed Damp message occurring multiple times
  • Fixed Intimidate sending multiple messages
  • Fixed Magnitude changing its power mid-turn
  • Fixed multi-turn moves
  • Fixed Teleport
  • Prevented /pokebattle2 from using the same player twice
  • Removed Pokémon names from auto-complete in /pokebattle2