Back from holiday!

Hi Guys,
Back from holidays, as you can see above, it was rather spectacular (as NZ always is). Shame I couldn't walk most of it as I ended on crutches after falling right at the start of it. Was my first time on crutches so it was quite the experience.

Still I have definitely come back refreshed and ready to go for the year. Code-signing has come through so I can put out a proper setup for the launcher. That was the last block in the way so hopefully we'll have that out to you all soon...


PS. If you have pictures from your holidays feel free to share them here. Always nice to see where people go to relax
Hey all.

So here we have Pixelmon 3.3.9. Big news on the server front - MySQL storage capability for Pixelmon user files. If you're quite the imaginative cookie, then you'll be able to see all the possibilities behind that. (Server owners I'll place some information at the bottom regarding this)
There's also a some huge work put behind battling, the main being battle logging, which has opened the way for a lot of fixes, some new moves and abilities, and the possibility of implementing others that were before a little bit difficult.

This update itself contains no new Pokemon. It does however add 8 new items, 16 new abilities, and 4 new moves that can make a huge difference to battling.

As usual, don't forget to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for any sneak peeks we might decide to share with you.

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Changelog :-

New Stuff | Show



  • Added SQL Database support for Pixelmon saves
  • Added comprehensive battle logging
  • Added /copyToDB command

Tweaks | Show
  • Changed the way Snore works
  • Multi-Turn moves now cannot miss on their prep. turns
  • Modified Sand Veil to Gen 5 percentage
  • Removed unnecessary message when Moxie activates at max Attack
  • Yawn no longer works against Pokémon that are already statused

Fixes | Show
  • Fixed Echoed Voice
  • Fixed Sucker Punch
  • Fixed Fake Out
  • Fixed Perish Song
  • Fixed Facade
  • Fixed Sky Attack
  • Fixed Whirlwind and similar moves selecting the same Pokemon
  • Fixed Focus Band with self-KO moves
  • Fixed Tailwind not fading
  • Fixed Hyper Cutter working on self-inflicted stat drops (Superpower)
  • Fixed Metronome and multi-turn battle log stuff
  • Fixed Multi-Turn moves not resetting when they fail
  • Fixed EVs over-capping
  • Fixed items running at end of turn (Leftovers etc.)
  • Fix to breeding environments
  • Also stopped a kind of loop error in the battle log print
  • Language fixes

Server Owners wanting to use MySQL storage | Show
So the first thing I'm going to tell you, as always. Take your backups. We're not responsible for you screwing this up, so blame Gabe.
In the config, you'll see an option for your MySQL url, which is as follows:-
Code: Select alljdbc:mysql://hostname:port/dbname?user=username&password=password

To edit this to your preference, you'll need to replace 'hostname' with either the IP address or domain of the server (Without "http://". For port, select the port you're database used for incoming connections, by default this is 3306. DB name would be the name of your database, including the prefix if applicable. Replace 'Username' and the second 'password' entries with the access details for the database.

Once this information is entered and the server is started, the server will from then on use SQL for default storage. You can go back to flatfile at any time be removing the connection url from the config.
For new servers :- You're done. Your server is now good to go.
For pre-existing servers :- Now you'll want to migrate your old Pixelmon save data into the database. Make sure you did take a backup of all your previous Pokemon files. You can do this by running the /copyToDB command, and that will begin the proccess. Once it's finished, you're good to go. Note, your old files will still be present in the minecraft/worldname/pokemon directory, should you wish to revert to flatfile.

If you have any issues with updating to MySQL, feel free to send me a PM on the forums and I'll help as I can.

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be streaming on Tuesday, January 13th at 7:00pm EST. Now.. that said, you may be asking "Whats this one going to be about?..." Well, I will be briefly discussing some of the more important new features and fixes in 3.3.9 then I'll proceed to re-code Pixelmon Extras from the ground up. 3.3.9 will be released shortly after the stream ends.

All that said, this will be my first time streaming so bare with me if any technical difficulties arise. Thanks, and hope to see you all there!

The title of this post still has me chuckling to myself, but I better get on with it. To those of you who've not had to suffer through my twitter updates, I've been spending a lot of my time over the last few weeks working on the Battle Log. The idea of the Log is that it stores everything relevant during a battle to be regurgitated back when we need it. The reason I started the project was because there are quite a lot of moves that require an accurate read on the earlier events of the battle - Mirror Move for example. Another reason that quickly came to mind is that when a battle is crashing all over the place, the Log could be used to give a better idea of what caused the problem, so that you don't have to try to remember everything that has gone on during the battle. Err, I'm not saying I don't trust you guys and your reports, but... Let's move on.

Well, it works! I've added Fake Out and fixed ... I don't remember the other thing, but it's all very exciting to me. (UPDATE: Echoed Voice! That was it!) Over the next few days I'll be adding anything I can think of that you've all wanted but I've been unable to deliver. Think... Wobuffet. Maybe a little Smeargle too :) Comment with some suggestions!

Unfortunately (for me), there is darkness on the horizon. And not just because it has been raining a lot on the east coast of Australia lately. The big-bad Chief of all things Pixelmon, MrMasochism, wants greater things of my Battle Log. He wants it to record absolutely everything! I told him he must be insane, that this was defying nature! That said, the result would be worth it. The result... Well, I can't be sharing the details of his mastermind scheme, but let me just say that tournaments will be a whole lot better. I've already said too much.