Hi Everyone!

Due to there being a couple of bugs which our testing hadn't uncovered in the previous build we've got a hotfix out to you now. It just fixes those couple of things so that you can all experience the fun of what we added in the previous beta. Check the changelog as always for more information!

As said in the previous post we are getting very close to the end of the beta period and new content is being added rapidly at the moment. We'll have an awesome version for you all to celebrate the end of beta period and the release of the new generation of the pokemon games. My copy of Moon should arrive tomorrow! Feel free to share any stories you have of sun and moon over on the forums (off-topic)

Here's a trailer to tide you over till the next Pixelmon release:

Hey there!

4.3.0 and 5.0.0 beta 11 have been released, with the usual plethora of fixes from us. In particular, Pixelmon blocks have been put back in structures (e.g., healers in Pokémon Centers), newly created NPCs no longer despawn, and some game-breaking issues with newer Forge versions have been resolved.

Halloween is over, but its effects (or perhaps some...other recent events) continue to haunt Pixelmon. You'll be able to coax your final evolution starter Pokémon to look a bit spookier with a Halloween-related item under the right conditions. This will be possible during the months of October and November (including future years), so you'll have some time to figure out what you need to do. If you'd rather, there's information on this site in the usual place if you know where to look.

We've also added two new config options. The first sees the (opt-in) return of wild Pokémon names over their heads, just in case the Pokédex is one button press too many. The other is a configurable maximum Pokémon level to make your dreams reality, at least if your dreams involve razing everything to the ground while riding your level 1000 Rayquaza (good luck with the Rare Candies though). Note that both of these options were highly requested by players like you; we're always looking for ways to improve Pixelmon, and player feedback is valuable in order to continue doing so.

Note: The observant among you may have noticed our Twitter feed being filled with some new Pokémon. While these Pokémon are not in Pixelmon quite yet, we are reaching the end of the Pixelmon beta period soon and will add those Pokémon in due time. There is also a certain event this upcoming week that might have some implications on what we will start doing in the near future (hint hint).

-The Pixelmon team
Update: the first TCG Championship is ended. The winner is Fruitlord_Melon, one of the top 8 in week 2. The runner-up is Dice_Leo, top 4 in both weeks. Thanks everyone for watching the stream and participating in the championship.

Hello everyone,

Pixelmon TCG beta is open to the world for almost 2 weeks and a thousand matches have been played since the opening. To celebrate that milestone, we'll hold a championship among top 8 players from the 2 weeks.

The championship will start at 12pm GMT this Sunday, 6th November (check your local time at,0,cn3). Winner will get a special card back to boast their superiority.

Waterdude will also stream the championship on his Twitch! Come join us on beta1 server or watch the stream. Feel free to ask any question too :).

Below are the eight contestants from the first 2 weeks:
  • Crofto
  • Dice_Leo
  • DynamicMenace
  • Overclocks_
  • Globalisation
  • Cell_Junior
  • Pikakip
  • Zombiebleblue47
If the contestants cannot join at the time, we will choose the next best player of the week, so be around :).

After the championship, we will reset the server to prepare for the next stage of Pixelmon TCG beta. Winner of the championship and top 8 of each week will get back their prize after the reset :)

To get started with Pixelmon TCG:
If you see any bug, please report it at

Pixelmon TCG Open Beta

Pixelmon TCG is finally here!

This huge sidemod adds in trading cards, which are used for much more than just trading. You can collect, discover, create and battle cards with your friends!
Experience the excitement of opening booster packs, the skill of creating your very own deck archetype, and the satisfaction of winning against others' decks with your own creation!

For more information, visit the wiki here!

To download, we recommend you use the TCG Pixpack on the Pixelmon Launcher. That way, you will be automatically notified of updates the second they are released.
Alternatively, you can add TCG to your game like you would with any other mod.
Both downloads are available on the downloads page.

The open beta release version is restricted to select servers. You cannot use the client version to run a server with the mod, including the singleplayer Open to LAN function.

Our beta server,, will be running TCG for the time being. We will hold weekly tournaments there, so come join us, build your decks, and see if you can beat the devs!

Recommended Pixelmon version: 4.3.0-beta10 for Minecraft 1.8.9
Hey all!

Beta 10 is out for both 4.3.0 and 5.0.0, with some new Pokémon and remodels to search for (or spawn in if you can't be bothered). For those of you who wanted a better battle camera, you can now control it yourself and make your own better camera angle. Evolution stones are also fixed, so go get your Vaporeon, Nidoking, Arcanine, etc. to wreck your friends and enemies with.

In anticipation of Halloween, we've shooed out all the skeleton horses so they can haunt people elsewhere. As usual, a bunch of other bugs have also been shooed out, including some issues with saving Pokémon.

On a more technical note, 5.0.0 beta 10 changes all Pixelmon item IDs to follow a consistent standard; the new IDs are listed on the wiki. If you use external shopkeeper or special drop JSON files, they will need to be updated accordingly. Along with the ID changes, 5.0.0 beta 10 is the first 5.0.0 version that allows migrating from Minecraft 1.8.9 worlds without significant item/block loss. Let us know in the bug tracker if there are any problems. Of course, make backups of your worlds before updating.

Please be warned: all existing NPCs from previous Pixelmon versions, including custom-made NPCs, will despawn when updating to beta 10. In order to fix an issue with naturally spawning NPCs never despawning, this was an unavoidable side effect.

In other news, Pixelmon TCG has been progressing steadily, and should be moving into open beta shortly. A download will become available soon (™).

-The Pixelmon team

Pixelmon News October 11th

Hi Everyone,

I'm back from holiday and it was a great time! Got to read books, go for walks and enjoy some beautiful scenery. If you want to see what it was like I have an imgur album available here: My Holiday

I'm getting back into the swing of things with development and we'll have a new build out for you soon. As part of this I've gotten back into the adding of animated pokemon into the mod so I can remove some of the backlog. We'll be adding more pokemon as soon as we can!

See you soon for the next beta release!
Hey Everyone,

Beta 9 has been going really well and I hope you've been enjoying playing it. We're getting pretty close to a final release now and the betas have been getting progressively more stable and complete which is exciting to see!

One of the things we were waiting for before going final was the code which would allow us to migrate worlds used in 1.8.9 to 1.10.2 which has now been finished by Hy and will be coming to a beta near you all soon.

I also got approached by a YouTuber who was wanting some more cinematic angles in battles for their upcoming series and worked a couple of days to produce this:

Also there are a heap of models just waiting to be added in and I'd like a good bunch of them in for the final release as well! We'll probably have 1 or 2 more betas before we wrap this version up and I'd like to put out a big thanks to anyone who's tested and reported bugs up to this point. This has been the best beta process we've had in the history of the mod!

I'm off for a couple weeks of holiday starting tomorrow but I'll still be around on the forums and there will still be development happening.