Hey all!

Next versions of the beta are now available on the downloads page.

You can check the changelog on the following link, which we'll keep updated with new changes for upcoming versions - https://pixelmon.io/2afdlzF

Make sure to keep those bug reports rolling in, and make sure to read up on notes about bug reporting! - https://pixelmon.io/2ahxTqq


Beta bug reporting

Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the error reporting that's going on. We'll be getting more builds out constantly till we're over the bugs but while this is happening I thought I'd just share some bug reporting guidelines so that we can get this done a lot more quickly and efficiently.

1- Check what we've already fixed.
We are continually fixing bugs that have been reported to us. While we are in this beta phase, we will be maintaining a wiki page listing the bug fixes that are ready for the next beta release. If a bug you have encountered is already in that list, you don't need to report it as we have already fixed it for the upcoming Pixelmon version.

2- Check previous reports.
I know it can be difficult to go over previous reports and it feels like it's taking lots of time for you but realise that for us wading through a heap of duplicate reports is a difficult task and one that gets very confusing. Please check previous reports and if what you came to report has already been reported then don't make a new report. If it has been reported and you have more information to provide us with then add it to the existing report.

3 - Give us all the important details.
Plenty of the current reports don't even say which of the 2 betas the error has occurred on. Please provide us with the Minecraft version, beta version, Forge version and the full crash logs if they are available.

4 - Be patient.
Fixing bugs takes lots of time. I spent at least 4 hours yesterday (not including time others also spent on the same problem) trying to work out why the Pokémon were freezing in mid-air. Pixelmon is an enormous mod with a ridiculous amount of content which means that we can't see the possible permutations of all our code changes. Some bugs we fix will introduce others but that of course is the point of a beta. You are helping us get this right!

5 - One bug per report.
Part of keeping things organised and being able to track what we've fixed is the ability to have each bug in it's each topic, this lets us tick things off and get proper feedback on each issue individually. Please don't open tickets and put a big list of things wrong in them!

We are already making good progress, a battle pausing bug fix will be released soon!
Hey all.

The second beta versions of 4.3.0 and 5.0.0 are now available on the downloads page.

If you wish to help out with testing, feel free to connect to our beta servers at:-

beta1.pixelmonmod.com (4.3.0)
beta2.pixelmonmod.com (5.0.0)


Hello everyone.

We have the now the first of our 1.10 versions, a close-to-the-end 1.8.9 version, the new 'Pixelmon Gyms' ('Gym Wars II: Feebas Unleashed' because that's so much cooler) sidemod by one of newest peeps RysingDragon, an update for the Beta Launcher (Which is now the active launcher), and an update for Pixel Auctions.

Please make sure, any bug you come across, and can consistently reproduce, report to our bug tracker, even if you're worried we've heard it before. Can't fix what we're not told about.

I said the update would be out this weekend. But I thought it'd be better to make Jamie stay up all night to add in that special little treat for you up there. Worth it? Totally. You should vote in this poll and say so - http://www.pixelmonmod.com/viewtopic.php?f=84&t=22233

Have fun!

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Hey all!

As you're aware we've been working hard on 1.10.2, getting bugs stamped out, and there's certainly a few more to go. We have also been working on a new 1.8.9 version, as we'll hopefully be leaving 1.8.9 in a stable state, so there's should be a few more of those to go. You can expect these tomorrow or Sunday, with any luck.

The 2 upcoming versions are considered beta, and we will certainly need as much feedback as possible to help streamline the end of 1.8.9 and the beginning of 1.10.2 - Which is a good improvement, and Sponge has already started working with it too.
Speaking of Sponge, we've been working a little closer with them now then we have in the past. The past few 4.2.x versions, and a fair few Sponge builds have been down to BloodMC, Hassan and MrM all working together to fix and improve issues that may never have been found.

Sidemods are also being updated ready for 1.10.2, that's coming along nicely. In addition, we have a new sidemod coming together to introduce teams/alliances, we'll be looking to flesh that out with some pretty cool features.

Pixelmon TCG, is now very close to going into open beta, thanks to Sam, Hy, and the Alpha testers that volunteered thier time to assist. We'll be releasing the first version of Pixelmon TCG to include the Base set, and the Jungle set - And we'll be releasing many more as we go. They'll be plenty of oppertunities for you guys to get custom coins, card art etc added into later versions too!

If you guys want to help us out, remember we're always looking for talent in models and animation. know multiple languages? Head over to our public Github repositories and help us with translating all things Pixelmon! Or, just follow our social media outlets.

Isi out!



Pixelmon News 20th July

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay on this build. As always things got a little late with some of the content I was hoping to get into this build. However we are very very nearly there!

There will be new pokemon (including the finished off set of fossils finally) and a few redone ones as well. There are also a bunch of other changes which I'll try and document as soon as the beta comes out. When it does come, we're hoping for all hands on deck to test (especially the 1.10.2 version) so we can get this fully stable as soon as possible!

Thanks for sticking with us, we'll have this to you as soon as we can,

Pixelmon News - 9th July

Hey Everyone,

Time for some more Pixelmon News! As you will have noticed we still haven't released the beta and that's mostly due to a big flurry of activity with new things being added and a new version of minecraft being moved to...

First off Jamie, our modelling head, finished his exams and found a huge list of new pokemon and reworks to start adding in so he's been getting going on those. There'll be a preview vid coming soon with some more details on what's being added. Keep a look out for that!

Next, after talks with the head of sponge, we found they are skipping 1.9.4 as it was an interim release which was quickly followed by a new version so we're doing the same. The updated version part of the beta will be coming out on 1.10.2.

There's heaps of other things going on in the dev team too including berries which are coming along quickly, though I don't think they'll make it into the beta in time. Gyms are also being added from the forums so thanks for your work on that and keep it up! We want heaps of them.

I'm really hopeful we'll get a beta to you next week. I'll be doing all I can to get it done.