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Yes. It was there as a joke. You don't actually have to send me a pizza >.> Thanks for the offer though <3

So, what's new? Well. If you've been keeping up with the forums, you'll know that we've taken on a 1.8 branch and begun that update. Keep up with MrMs updates here We've been staying in contact with Sponge, so hopefully with our 1.8 releases we'll be seeing some servers too. (Remember if you're a capable developer, you can hop in on this.) We'll likely make 1.8 rather open, so we'll release offhand broken builds hoping you'll get involved with that bug reporting. The sooner we get 1.8 out of the way, the better.

The Pixelmon launcher - We've had some great feedback on out first launcher release, as well as some good bug reports, and some pixpacks already made up for you guys to try out! (I'll add one at the end on this post and a few more later). There's lots of improvements we want to do, and there's a possibility of auto-install with Pixelmon if we get a decent CDN working with us! (Else we're looking around $2100 a month at the very least). Quote from Blood - "Sponge 1.1 will be our next major release and include a bunch of features for server/plugin devs"

Pixel Utilities! - Do any of you use it? Well you all will soon. Pixel Utilities is a sidemod adding items and features onto base Pixelmon. Started by AndWhat5, he's given us the go ahead to merge this sidemod into Pixelmon for 1.8 - If you want to see what PU mostly is, you can find a page for it on our wiki. PU has actually been a staple of Pixelmon for quite a while now, and has actually brought developers to us through it. From decoration blocks to coins and Armour, you'll likely find it a nice addition to both your single player worlds and servers. Feel free to follow Andnub on twitter <3


Donations! - It's been asked for so much before, we've always been wanting to do it, and it's finally here! *Dramatic music* The donation sash! You've seen the Pixelmon devs drag it out maybe, and just maybe you've wanted one for yourself. Well now you can get it. Just head over to the Donations page, make sure you have your Minecraft character linked, and make a minimum donation. Next time you're in a server/single player you'll see yourself with that sexy Pokeball toting sash! What's more is in later development we'll be looking at colour selection! And maybe we'll look at something better for those hardcore donators later on huh?

Halloween peoples! - We haven't forgotten about our Halloween Haunter winners. Don't forget to add your character to your profile! We'll be releasing information on how to obtain your special Haunter shortly.

Le streamers - Recently I noticed people streaming Pixelmon, and it's hilarious to watch people learn. So why not follow AnaBooo or KingTut to experience the same comedy? xD

Stop mod reposts! - As you know, we're closed source, All Rights Reserved, and very anti-redistribution. If it's ever crossed your mind as to why, #stopmodreposts is a great example. Check out their website, get behind this movement!

Sidemod updates - SoP has been updated, available on the downloads page. GTS will be seeing an update soon, and as soon as we hire an exorcist to rid GameShark of its current curse, we'll be releasing that out to you guys too!

PixPacks (Send me some good ones and I'll place them here) | Show

Bullet Phase's modpack provides a unique gameplay experience with over 40 added mods. Create a whole new world filled with adventure and excitement. Catch all of the pokemon, fight the things that go bumping in the night and explore!

I will update the pack without walia and addons until the forge version gets sorted.

Moeboy76's Pixelmon pixpacks

MoeBoy76 currently has 3 packs:
- Pixelmon 3.4.0 standalone
- Pixelmon 3.3.8 standalone
- Pixelmon 3.4.0 + useful client-side side-mods

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Hey all. Play it. Like it. Subscribe and such.

Pixelmon 3.4 here, alongside the first release of the launcher. (Wiki link to launcher stuffs)

No new Pokemon for now, lots of new abilities, big improvements to battles, etc. And a 24 hour day cycle? How cool is that for Pixelmon spawns!

As usual, don't forget to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for any sneak peeks we might decide to share with you.

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Changelog :-

New Stuff | Show


    Added real time capability for servers (single player works too), extends day cycle to 24 hours - Affects spawns (change in the Pixelmon config)
    Added Shiny Shuckle's texture
    Added Status Markers

Tweaks | Show
  • Held item is consumed upon evolution
  • Check added for the correct time of day to evolve
  • Fixed increased critical ratios
  • Removed duplicate variables in AttackModifierBase, already inherited from EffectBase
  • Critical hits now ignore positive defence boosts and negative attack modifier
  • Allowed EV berries to raise happiness when EV is 0.
  • Intimidate now uses allowsStatChange
  • Clear Smog now does damage
  • Haze now affects everyone in double battles.
  • Clear Smog only affects the target.
  • Corrected the number of obtainable gems in the config
  • Missing doesn't trigger contact abilities
  • Temple blocks now connect to glass panes
  • Make mod stairs connect to glass (roof layouts etc)
  • Make ItemBlock trigger protection events (Worldguard compatability)

Fixes | Show
  • Status moves now hit through type immunities
  • Fixed a battle bug with echoed voice
  • Fixed Heal Pulse
  • Fixed Perish Song
  • Fixed partially trapping moves
  • Fixed Clear Body/Hyper Cutter preventing target from getting its statistics raised (Swagger)
  • Fixed Wonder Guard preventing status moves
  • Fixed Ditto + Ditto passing Limber
  • Fixed moves that modify move power or accuracy (Blaze, Compound Eyes, Flash Fire, Hustle, Overgrow, Sand Force, Swarm, Torrent)
  • Fixed Damp
  • Fixed up held items not saving into the database
  • Fixed flinching failing if the USER has inner focus
  • Fixed Burn claiming failure with moves that have burn as a secondary effect


In light of the upcoming launcher release I figured I'd give you all some information about the modpack packaging system I built alongside it:

Pixelmon Launcher Packs (.pixpack)
The .pixpack is the package for installing profiles to the pixelmon launcher. It allows full setup of any mods, texturepacks, configs, shaders and more.
A pixpack can be created and opened with a zip program.
The base of any pixpack is the setup.json, a json file which specifies how the profile will work and what needs to be installed.
Here is an example setup.json:
Code: Select all{
  "Name":"Test Pack",
    "forgeFile": "forge-1.7.10-",
    "name":"Pokeballers Reboot Pack.zip",
    "Name":"Test Server"

Most of this is self explanatory, but there are a few things to point out.
  • A pixpack was designed to be compliant with mod user agreements so it can run with bundled and unbundled mods (can mix them together in a single pack), unbundled mods will point the user to the website to download the mod from as provided in the "downloadUrl" field.
  • Resource packs can be bundled and installed with the pack, the "activated" field allows the resource pack to be turned on by default and the order in which they are listed will determine the order they are activated inside minecraft.
  • Any mod, bundled or not, that has been previously installed in the launcher (including pixelmon) will automatically use the previously installed version (if the version number is the same.

The rest of a pixpack is determined by the layout of files inside the pack.
Mods specified in the mods section of the json need to be in the root directory as do shader packs and forge. The launcher will also install a specified set of other directories into the new profile. These are:
  • config - For deploying custom configs for any of the mods in the pack
  • saves - For packaging custom world saves in a profile (great way to distribute custom maps that are reliant on a set of mods or config options to play well)
  • shaderpacks
  • customdatabase - For packaging a custom pixelmon database with the profile

The one last thing a pixpack allows is for custom styling of the launcher when that profile is selected. Here's an example:
The banner image is set by adding the banner.png to the root of the pixpack as seen above and the rest is done by adding a style.xaml to it. This is the base style.xaml (for the default launcher colours):
Code: Select all<ResourceDictionary xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml">
    <Color x:Key="MainColour">#FFF2F2F2</Color>
    <Color x:Key="DarkerColour">#33000000</Color>
    <Color x:Key="DarkestColour">#55000000</Color>
    <Color x:Key="MenuBGColour">#FF29B6F6</Color>
    <Color x:Key="LoginBGColour">#FF8BC34A</Color>
    <Color x:Key="ProfileRegionBGColour">#FF8BC34A</Color>
    <Color x:Key="ProfileRegionBGDarkColour">#FF6F9C3B</Color>
    <Color x:Key="ProfileRegionBGDarkerColour">#FF4F782C</Color>
    <Color x:Key="MainFontColour">White</Color>
    <Color x:Key="AltFontColour">Black</Color>
    <Color x:Key="RadioButtonPressed">#FF8BC34A</Color>
    <Color x:Key="PopupBGColour">#FF26A69A</Color>
    <Color x:Key="PopupBGDarkColour">#FF00897B</Color>
    <Color x:Key="PlayButtonInnerColor">#FF8BC34A</Color>
    <Color x:Key="PlayButtonOuterColor">White</Color>
    <Color x:Key="DeleteButtonBGColour">#FFEF5350</Color>
    <Color x:Key="SaveButtonBGColour">#FF00695C</Color>

Anyway, that's about it. We'll provide some sample packs when we release the launcher (should be really soon!)

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread and I'll try and answer them as best as I can (as long as they are on topic)


Turns out my example above was slightly off. Resource packs get added to a resourcepacks folder inside the pixpack not to the root. Otherwise it's all right