Pixelmon News - March 24

First up, congratulations goes to Ren for winning the first ever Pixelmon trainer skin competition. Was a tight fought contest. Her prize will be added to the mod in an upcoming update!

Here's the winning submission:
You'll see it and all the other top 5 submissions in the next beta release.

Secondly, there'll be a new pixelmon beta coming out soon, our replacement for schematics is finished and working really well. Much better than the old so that's a great bit of progress!

There'll be a new trainer skin competition starting next monday. Stay tuned to find out more!

Forgot to mention, Isi has put up a submission thread for any content you guys would like to submit to our downloads page, be it resource packs, side-mods or pixpacks.

Check it out over here
Hey guys,

Thanks heaps for your entries into the trainer skin competition.
5 top entries have been chosen and now we are going to a poll so you can decide which is most worthy of winning!

All top 5 entries will make it into the game but the winning entry's creator will receive a prize unobtainable by any other method!

SO here are the 5 top entries (in no particular order):
1. Male trainer by Ren
Link to post
2. Beekeeper by Skyligh
Link to post
3. Male trainer by Layth
Link to post
4. Super bug catcher by TheSableye
Link to post
5. Female trainer by Ren
Link to post

Poll is up now - Click here!
Next competition will start next week! Thanks for your participation!
So here it is peoples, the first of Pixelmon 1.8. Definitely a beta, don't got updating servers and wondering why stuff isn't working, we'll just slap you with a Magikarp. We're relying on you, the public, to provide us with some decent, accurate bug reports to help get this train wreck going. (Step one, get off the train) Post your pictures of amusing bugs, for the lols.

With this is an update to our launcher, also available on the downloads page, be sure to uninstall the previous version of the launcher.

Also, Skin competition : - Win something maybe?

Don't forget to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for any sneak peeks we might decide to share with you.

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Changelog | Show
Battle Additions
  • Added status-healing Berries
  • Added Berry Juice
  • Added Sitrus Berry
  • Added Air Balloon
  • Added Knock Off
  • Added Growth's Sunny Day benefits
  • Added Synthesis/Morning Sun/Moonlight's interactions with weather
  • Added Defog
  • Added Healing Wish
  • Added Rocky Helmet
  • Added Roost's Flying type negation
  • Added Scope Lens

  • Added feature that restores consumable held items after PVP battles
  • Added config option for force-end battle result
  • Added config settings for boss and hidden Ability spawn rates

  • Added Zubat/Golbat to Deep Ocean to stop Lugia spawn spam
  • Moved forced switch after faint to end of turn
  • Added lang to choose Pokémon after faint and choose targets
  • Made recurring battle effects not happen on turn that battle ends
  • Explosion/Selfdestruct now KO user if move fails to hit target
  • Made auto-weather abilities cause infinite weather
  • U-turn/Volt Switch works correctly when used by NPC Trainers
  • If U-turn/Volt Switch faints the opponent, the user will switch out before the opponent does
  • Roar/Whirlwind use lang
  • Flinch no longer affects Pokémon switching in.
  • Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, etc. no longer allow switching/bag/fleeing during recharge turn
  • Removed Park Ball from legitimacy
  • Fixed Thunder Wave hitting Ground types
  • Protect fails if used when opponent is switching in
  • Enabled print errors by default
  • Confusion status can no longer stack
  • Allowed Pokémon to drop loot when KOed by indirect damage
  • Added check for battle being stuck
  • Partially trapping effect is removed if user of move switches out
  • Sleep counter resets if afflicted Pokémon switches out
  • Pokeheal command now heals pokemon outside pokeballs
  • Added winner/loser to force-ended battles
  • Added sash to the player model instead of on top of it
  • Transform now copies stats, stat changes, type, and Ability
  • Added check for changing Coming Soon into Ability if it is implemented
  • Sleep counter resets on battle end
  • Toxic poison becomes normal poison on battle end
  • Confusion counter doesn’t tick down if another status prevents action
  • Added failure message with moves that cause status
  • Rounded down breeding strength if average of two types was between stages
  • Added support for team statuses in double battles (Light Screen, Mist, Reflect, Safeguard, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Tailwind, Toxic Spikes)
  • Multi-turn moves are interrupted correctly by incapacitating statuses.
  • Safeguard now only prevents primary statuses and confusion from the opponent.
  • Air pokemon stay in the air
  • Added every .json file for all blocks
  • Specified bauxite and pillar to correct texture
  • Changed Tailwind activation message
  • Added some catches for errors caused by destruction of a tile entity

Note: Several smaller fixes were omitted from this list for brevity. See the wiki for the full list.
  • Further fixes to NPC trainer names
  • Fix to NPE when entry hazards KO last Pokémon
  • Commands and Achievements Reverted
  • Fixed issue with MySQL dropping connection.
  • 10% chance for Bug Buzz to lower Special Defense instead of 100%
  • Fixed battle freeze when both Pokémon faint at the same time
  • Fixed entry hazards force-ending the battle
  • Fixed moves that have a chance to raise user's stats (e.g., Fiery Dance, Metal Claw) raising the opponent's stats
  • Fixed Heal Bell sometimes not healing status
  • Fixed Light Screen not working
  • Fixed Reflect not working
  • Fixed erroneous Coming Soon for Pokémon without hidden Abilities.
  • Fixed up blockstate initiation for custom metadata blocks
  • Fixed non-volatile statuses not being saved upon switching
  • Fixed GS Balls being dropped by bosses
  • Pokemon no longer fly around
  • .obj models now render fully (head module animation has been disabled as it was glitching)
  • Fixed up trainer name in tag above owned pokemon
  • Fixed battle freeze if trainer Pokémon is KOed by indirect damage
  • Fixed Heal Bell/Aromatherapy again
  • Fixed Destiny Bond lang
  • Fixed Motor Drive raising opponent's Speed
  • Fixed recurring status effects not happening upon switching in
  • Fixed Future Sight being lost when user switches
  • Fixed Attract failure message
  • Seriously, if you read this far, just start reporting more 1.8 bugs :P
  • Fix a few ui related issues + remove chat reflection
  • Fix battle camera, + wierd obj models now display somewhat
  • Sash is now working
  • Fixed up some multiblock stuff
  • Changed lang from missing due to Dig/Fly/Bounce/Dive to miss instead of fail
  • Fixed Bounce
  • Fixed Protect/Ability immunities stopping charge turn of charging moves
  • Fixed Sap Sipper/Water Absorb triggering twice on SolarBeam/Dive
  • Fixed multi turn moves continuing if they miss
  • Fixed Outrage, etc. not confusing if move fails on ending turn.
  • Fixed Sky Attack continuing if blocked by Protect
  • Fix positioning of poke chests
  • Fixed evolution level up moves at level 1
  • Fixed Dive
  • Fixed certain breeding prevos -Magmar/Magmortar, Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan/Hitmontop
  • Fixed multi hit moves not breaking Sturdy/Sash/Sub
  • Fixed Pain Split
  • Fixed render of pc, anvil, healer and trading machine
  • Fixed double rendering of models
  • Fixed STAB with temporary type changes
  • Fixed Smack Down
  • Fixed NPC Trainer battle error if fought by another player after a prior defeat
  • Fixed Clear Body showing a message with chance stat drops
  • Heaps more fixes for multiblocks and tile entities, all except evo rocks are working perfectly
  • Fix camera bug caused by mojang
  • Fixed team statuses not transferring when accompanied by non-team statuses
  • Fixed Sketch message
  • Fixes to structure generation
  • Removed healer sound
  • Fixed evolution canceling causing Pokémon to gain their evolutions Abilities prematurely.
  • Fixed Pokedex Height and Length for Lugia
  • Fixed up pokechests
  • Fixed trainer skin rendering
  • Item finder now working
  • Bounding boxes fixed
  • Broken Pokemon .obj models fixed
  • Apricorn trees are now working
  • Fixed up issue with pokeballs hitting non-pokemon entities
  • Fixed up multiblock bounding boxes
  • Multiblock bounding boxes now show the whole area for every block fixed up server start up crashes
  • Fix to collision box lookup on placement of multiblocks
  • Fixed usage of getFormattedName() on server side with player names
  • Increased base entity speed to fix up lack of animation
  • Fixed crash on rare candy use
  • Fixed crash in trainer editor with unset steve texture
  • Fix NullPointerException when targeting a player.
  • Fix NullPointerException when a slow client joins a server.
  • Fixed up some flying and swimming movement
  • Squashed errors from .smd code